Boards & Committees

Policy Board

The Waco MPO is governed by a 20 member Policy Board representing McLennan County, the municipalities within McLennan County, and the various modal interests within the Waco Metropolitan Area. The MPO Policy Board establishes regional transportation policy, identifies regional project priorities, and adopts all plans and programs produced by the MPO.


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Technical Advisory Committee

The MPO Policy Board receives advice and recommendations regarding project-level considerations from the MPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The TAC is composed of professional planners, engineers and staff from various modal interests, member governments and transportation stakeholders. The primary roles of the TAC are:

  1. Review reports and analysis performed by the MPO staff and/or private sector consultants working for the MPO
  2. To provide recommendations regarding the priorities of proposed transportation investments


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Work Groups

The Waco MPO planning process is also informed by several work groups. The work groups provide ongoing, informal stakeholder input into the transportation planning process, but do not make formal statements or recommendations.

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