Brand Guide

Morning view of the bridges over the Brazos River in downtown Waco

Waco is a destination for growth, where nature meets culture, big opportunities can become a reality, where people can live well and feel like they are home.

Our purpose is to be a city of possibilities made by and for our people.

Our Principles:

  • We value everyone, embracing the diverse faces and facets of our city and people - offering opportunity, a voice, and a seat at the table for all.
  • We are resourceful, and strong, harnessing the full potential of our city and people to pave the way to a bright, promising future.
  • We are grounded, upholding timeless traditions of authenticity, goodness, and kindness, while always aspiring, innovating, and advancing toward progress and prosperity.
  • We lift each other up, supporting and empowering one another's individual and collective growth.
  • We nurture opportunity, creating space for new possibilities and boldly welcoming what's next.


Trademarked City of Waco Flying W in Navy Pursuant to municipal law, City logos are exclusively used for official City business such as City communications, merchandise, facilities, signage, events, and services unless written consent is granted by the Communications & Marketing department.

The "Flying W" is our symbol signifying official city operations and services. Our employees wear it with pride as we work to provide exemplary service to our residents, but in addition, it's used in our official communications in many ways. As employees of the City of Waco, we are all brand ambassadors.

Our city's logo family is comprised of three logos, each representing our city best in different contexts.

Horizontal Logo
This is our hero logo and is used across government stationery and the city's website.

Vertical Logo
Use this logo in logo trains and when the Flying W needs to be seen better at small scales.

Box Logo
Use this logo across apparel, in city campaigns, and over imagery.

Collage of the city's three logos

Hero Colors

Backplate Navy

Dark Denim

Logo Navy

Light Denim

*the navy and denim blues should not be layered in use for normal text. The contrast does not pass WCAG AA standards

Helpful Do's and Don'ts


  • Use the logos in Logo Navy over light backgrounds.
  • Maintain clear space around all three logos equal to the left arm of the star.
  • Use the logos at a legible size. 160px wide for horizontal, 80px wide for vertical, 70px wide for box.


  • Change the size relationship between the Flying W and the wordmark in any logos.
  • Change the typography in any way. (font, color, positioning)
  • Skew, stretch or apply special effects to the logos in any applications.
  • Use the logos in any non-hero palette colors.

Examples of ways to NOT change the logo

Request Logo Use Application