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Child in a superhero costume encouraging everyone to get their flu and covid vaccines.

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Have you received your flu shot and COVID-19 booster? Now is a great time to get both. It's safe and effective to get the flu shot and the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time. Protect your health and the health of your loved ones by getting vaccinated this flu season. Walk-ins accepted at the Health District!

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About Us


Create the healthiest county in Texas where all people can live, work, play, and thrive.


To improve the health and well-being of the citizens and environment of our county.

Core Values

Excellence: We are dedicated to implementing best practices and continuously improving our effectiveness through the use of data, evidence, and innovation.

Equity: We actively seek to understand the lived experiences of individuals and communities and use an equity framework to guide all programs, policies, and practices.

Accountability: We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and as effective managers of the public trust are accountable to all residents of McLennan County.

Commitment: We remain steadfast in our championing of opportunities to improve health, community wellness, and access to services.

Empowerment: We provide members of our community with the resources, services, tools, support, and information they need to make healthy choices.

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

Every 3 years, we go into the community to ask residents what the most important health needs of McLennan County area. This is called a Community Health Needs Assessment or CHNA. We listen, learn, then use this information to improve our community’s overall health.

2022 CHNA

  • Our staff went door-to-door in the community October 7 & 8 conducting the survey.
  • The survey was also available online.
  • We are currently hosting focus groups throughout the county. Look for one near you!
Upcoming Focus Groups

Wednesday, March 29
9:30 - 10:30 a.m.
Alta Vista Elementary School
3637 Alta Vista Drive

Past Focus Groups

January 26th - Bledsoe Miller Community Center
February 9th - South Waco Rec Center
February 16th - West ISD Admin Building
February 21st - First Baptist Lorena
February 22nd - McGregor Housing Authority
February 23rd - Hallsburg ISD

Group Health District staff in blue shirts

Previous CHNAs

2019 CHNA

During our 2019 CHNA, residents voiced concerns with access to healthcare, lifestyle and healthy behaviors, and women's health.

Click here to read the 2019 CHNA.(PDF, 4MB)

2016 CHNA

During our 2016 CHNA, residents voiced concerns with healthcare access and affordability, wellness and prevention, and health concerns & risks.

Click here to read the 2016 CHNA.(PDF, 4MB)

2013 CHNA

During our 2013 CHNA, residents voiced concerns with access to healthcare, women's health and diabetes.

Click here to read the 2013 CHNA.(PDF, 2MB)