Environmental Health

The mission of the Environmental Health Division is to identify and correct conditions in the environment that may cause disease or disease outbreaks. This is accomplished primarily by performing inspections. To be effective in accomplishing our mission, Environmental Health uses several methods to prevent illness and unsanitary conditions. These approaches may include education, advisement, consultation, regulation, investigation and enforcement.

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Food Establishment Regulation

The food establishment program is remarkably comprehensive. A variety of establishments are inspected and permitted where food isPhoto of sanitarian making a food inspection report. stored, prepared, served, or sold. This includes establishments such as restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, cafeterias, schools, nursing homes, bars, mobile food vendors and temporary food booths at special events.

Several methods are used to effectively regulate food establishments.  These include administrative tasks, education, advisement and consultation, inspection and investigation, regulation and enforcement.

You may obtain Food Handler & Food Manager’s Certification courses online at waco.statefoodsafety.com.

A basic Food Handler Class for all food workers - Online option - in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Serbo-Croatian, and American Sign Language.

State approved Food Manager's Certification course - Online option - in English and Spanish.

Child Care Inspections

Colorful picture of a childcare nursery. Annual sanitation inspections of licensed childcare facilities are performed under the guidelines of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Department of Family and Protective Services, Child Care Regulatory Services Division. These inspections ensure a healthy environment for children. Inspections are also provided for foster and adoptive homes upon request.

Swimming Pool Inspections

Bright and sunny picture of a pool and waterpark area that was inspected. Public pools and spas throughout McLennan County are permitted and inspected each year. These facilities are typically located at hotels, motels, fitness clubs, apartments, neighborhoods, RV parks, and water parks. These inspections ensure that water quality and all pool facilities are safely maintained.

Smoking Ordinances

The Health District encourages the cities within McLennan County to adopt smoking ordinances to provide smoke free indoor environments. Environmental Health provides information about these regulations and enforces the smoking ordinance as necessary. The cities within McLennan County that have adopted a smoking ordinance are:Black cigarette with a red circle around it and a red slash through it.

OSSF (On-Site Sewage Facilities) Program

Picture of a new septic system or on-site sewage facility. The On-Site Sewage Facilities (OSSF) program regulates all installations and maintenance of septic systems and other types of sewage disposal systems. This program is comprehensive to prevent health hazards and water pollution by regulating, properly planning and inspecting the location, design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of all on-site sewage disposal systems.

Other Activities

Environmental health is a broad term that encompasses a variety of subjects including, but not limited to, air, water, solid waste, food, and sanitation. Since the Environmental Health Division addresses only a portion of these topics, we provide information and referrals about additional topics as requested. The sanitarians are available to speak to groups about the environmental health topics addressed by our division.

Coordination with other agencies is also a vital task of the Environmental Health Division. Efforts are coordinated on a regular basis with state agencies such as the Texas Department of State Health Services, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Child Care Regulatory Services Division. Environmental Health also coordinates with local government agencies on a frequent basis. As an example, the sanitarians coordinate inspection activities with the Code Enforcement and Inspections Departments of all cities in McLennan County.


Lead awareness is important to your health. Exposure can come from a variety of sources, but two possible ways around your home are lead paint and lead in your water.

Lead Awareness

Learn more about lead and water below.

Lead and Water Information

If you are concerned that you or your family have been exposed to lead, contact your healthcare provider about blood testing.


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