Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

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Every 3 years, we go into the community to ask residents what the most important health needs of the McLennan County area are. This is called a Community Health Needs Assessment or CHNA. We listen, learn, then use this information to improve our community’s overall health.

Group Health District staff in blue shirts

2023 CHNA
  • Our staff went door-to-door in the community October 7 - 8, 2022 conducting the survey. Health District staff going door-to-door conducting the Community Health Needs Assessment Survey.
  • The survey was also available online through January 2023.
  • We hosted focus groups throughout the county.
    1. January 26th - Bledsoe Miller Community Center
    2. February 9th - South Waco Rec Center
    3. February 16th - West ISD Admin Building
    4. February 21st - First Baptist Church Lorena
    5. February 22nd - McGregor Housing Authority
    6. February 23rd - Hallsburg ISD
    7. March 29th - Alta Vista Elementary School
  • We completed Key Informant Interviews and data analysis and started writing the CHNA in 2023.

2023 CHNA Report(PDF, 6MB)

Past CHNAs

2019 CHNA

During our 2019 CHNA, residents voiced concerns with access to healthcare, lifestyle and healthy behaviors, and women's health.

2019 CHNA(PDF, 4MB)

2016 CHNA

During our 2016 CHNA, residents voiced concerns with healthcare access and affordability, wellness and prevention, and health concerns & risks.

2016 CHNA(PDF, 4MB)

2013 CHNA

During our 2013 CHNA, residents voiced concerns with access to healthcare, women's health and diabetes.

2013 CHNA(PDF, 2MB)