2023 Annual Report


A message from Mayor Meek

Annual Report & Financial Review(PDF, 3MB)

As we look around our city, we see a revived downtown, refreshed roads, a brand-new airport, and vibrant neighborhoods. Each brick in these structures represents not just the masonry, but the collective effort of countless individuals. A single brick, no matter how strong, cannot build a wall alone. It takes all of us. I am grateful for our incredibly hardworking City staff, my fellow City Council members, and our dedicated partners.

At the foundation of our community, however, are the residents that come together to bring our city to life — the people who built and continue to nurture this place. Greater than the sum of its parts, Waco is a city defined by and for its people to create a place that feels like home.

As my last term as Mayor of Waco ends, I‘m grateful for the chance to serve my community. I am confident in the resilience and potential of our city as we move forward. Although we have faced obstacles as a city, we have overcome them through the strength and resilience of our people. I have faith in our people to continue to build a better future.

Waco is a city of possibilities, where nature meets culture, and big opportunities are always close at hand. Waco is a city to believe in.

Mayor Dillon Meek