Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

The Waco Crime Free programs are designed to build a partnership between police and owners/managers of rental properties to keep drugs and other illegal activity off their property. The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is designed to reduce criminal activity in apartment communities. The Crime Free Rental Property Program is designed to reduce criminal activity in smaller rental units such as single-family structures, duplexes and four-plexes.

The Crime Free programs are solution oriented. They are designed to be easy and very effective in reducing crime. The programs utilize three key elements to reduce crime in rental communities: PHASE I (Management Training Seminar) is designed for the owner and key property employees such as managers, leasing agents and maintenance supervisors.

Our seminar focuses on two facts:

1. Effective property management can have a major impact on the health of a community and the quality of life.

2. There are accessible and legitimate techniques that can be used to stop the spread of drugs and illegal activity on rental property.

For more information, contact: Det. Vincent Glenn (254) 750-3622

Our Commitment to You

The Waco Police Department notifies Crime Free Multi-Housing partners of every call for police service on their property. The Waco Police Department notifies Crime Free Rental Property partners of all significant criminal activity on their properties.

International Crime Free Association

This training is based on tried and true techniques developed throughout the Housing industry.

Some of the topics of the seminar are: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (C.P.T.E.D.), applicant screening, recognizing illegal drug activity, combating crime problems, the eviction process, managing risks, and working with the police.

There is no cost to attend the Management Training Seminar.

PHASE II of the program requires the landlord to meet the minimum-security requirements of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (C.P.T.E.D.):

  1. Exterior doors to rental units are solid core or metal
  2. Single cylinder metal dead bolts with a 3-inch throw on all exterior doors
  3. Strike plates with 3-inch screws (where construction permits)
  4. Eye viewers in all front doors
  5. Adequate and uniform security lighting
  6. Proper trimming of bushes/trees
  7. Anti-lift/slide devices on sliding windows and doors (exception may be taken with second floor units where no outside access is reasonably possible)
  8. Buildings clearly identified by address numbers that are a minimum of 4 inches high and well lighted at night.
  9. The exterior and interior of all units are in compliance with applicable state, and local laws and ordinances.

PHASE III of the Crime Free Program involves property management hosting a Safety Social event for their residents. The police department trains the residents to be the eyes and ears for the apartment community by using proven Neighborhood Watch concepts. The police will also encourage residents to take responsibility for their own cars and rental units.

Every rental community that has completed all three elements of this program, including implementation of the Crime Free Lease Addendum and Crime Free Application Addendum, will receive signs on their property that state:

We have joined the Waco Crime Free Multi-Housing Program - Keeping Illegal Activity Out of Rental Properties

Program Benefits

This program calls on management to make steps toward providing a clean and safe living environment for the citizens of Waco, by asking them to spend a little time and money to benefit their residents. This will also benefit the property managers as well. Benefits for landlords and property managers include:

  • Increased property values.
  • Less money lost due to failure to pay rent and repair and maintenance costs.
  • Increased demand for their rental units.
  • More time for routine management and life as opposed to dealing with crises.
  • Decreased civil liability.
  • Improved safety for owners, managers, renters and neighbors.
  • More satisfied, longer term and better tenants.
  • Closer partnership with the police and other agencies.
  • Advertising rights.

Crime Free Multi-Housing Fees

After all three phases have been completed, the annual fee for the Crime Free Multi-Housing Partnership is:

Apartments with 5 to 49 rental units
$77 annually

Apartments with 50 to 99 rental units
$103 annually

Apartments with 100 or more rental units
$155 annually

After Phase I and Phase II has been completed, the annual fee for the Crime Free Rental Property Partnership is:

1 to 4 rental units
$52 annually

5 to 49 rental units
$77 annually

50 to 99 rental units
$103 annually

100 or more rental units
$155 annually