About the Position

The Waco Police Department offers multiple avenues of employment for prospective officers.

Applicants who do not currently have a TCOLE Peace Officer’s License can apply for the Recruit position. Successful applicants will be enrolled into the McLennan Community College Law Enforcement Academy Basic Peace Officer Certification Course through TCOLE. All uniforms and equipment for the Academy will be provided.

Applicants who have a current TCOLE Peace Officer’s License, but are not currently commissioned by a department, may also apply for the Recruit position. Successful applicants may qualify for a modified Academy and may not be required to attend the full Basic Peace Officers Certification Course.

All applicants who apply as a Recruit must take a scheduled Civil Service Entrance Exam for Beginning Position.  

The Waco Police Department offers a lateral transfer program for Commissioned Officers who are employed in good standing with their department or have been employed in good standing within the last 12 months. Certified, commissioned officers may apply for a Police Officer position. Applicants in this category will complete the same selection process, however, you will not be required to take the Civil Service Entrance Exam for Beginning Position. Depending on years of continuous service and the size of the department worked for, eligible Lateral Transfer Officers may start at a two or five year officer's pay. Additional certification and/or education pay will begin after the one-year probationary period.

Out-of-State applicants will need to arrange to be in Waco to complete steps in the process starting the morning before the Civil Service Entrance Exam. Upon successfully completing each component, the hiring process will continue through the following week. You will need to make plans to stay in Waco for those 5 days in order to avoid making multiple trips to complete the process. If you are licensed in another state as a Certified Peace Officer, you may opt to complete the TCOLE Out of State/Federal Application process. Please visit the TCOLE website at www.tcole.texas.gov for more information. Since this process can be lengthy, we suggest that you start immediately.

Information Sessions are Available

The Waco Police Department Personnel Unit provides Application Orientation sessions and Agility Course Orientation sessions for persons currently involved in the application process. These sessions will be held during application periods and will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. To reserve a seat or to receive further information, call (254) 750-7510. Walk-ins are welcome but are subject to availability. 

The Application Process

Any one who does not have a preliminary application on file in the Waco Police Department Personnel Office will not be allowed to take the Civil Service Entrance Exam.

The study booklet(PDF, 412KB)  will be made available to applicants who have a Preliminary Application on file. The booklet includes examples of material covered on the Civil Service Entrance Exam and is designed to assist you in preparing for the examination. Study booklets can also be downloaded in a printable .pdf format.

All applicants who score 70% or higher will be ranked on an Eligibility List based on their score. Tied scores will be ranked according to Civil Service Rules. All other phases of the selection process are either 'pass' or 'fail'.