Salary & Benefits

Applicants who have a permanent and current TCOLE peace officer’s license may qualify for a modified Academy or Fast Track Program.

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Civil Service Police Salary Schedule
City of Waco, Texas / FY 2023-2024 Effective 09/24/2023
Job Classification Pay Grade Hourly
Police Officer (Grade I) 901  
Recruit   $29.0472
Commissioned   $33.2325
Year 1   $34.2294
Year 2   $35.2562
Year 3   $36.3150
Year 4   $37.4034
Year 5   $38.5255
Year 6   $39.6812
Year 8   $40.8716
Year 10   $42.0979
Year 12   $43.3607
Year 14    $44.6616
Police Sergeant (Grade II) 902
Promotion   $47.1604
Year 1   $48.5751
Year 3   $50.0325
Year 5   $51.5334
Police Commander (Grade III) 903  
Promotion   $56.6869
Year 2   $58.1039
Year 4   $59.5565
Year 6   $61.0454
Police Assistant Chief (Grade IV) 904
Promotion   $75.4756
Year 2   $77.3625
Year 4   $79.2965
Year 6   $81.2790

Additional Pay

(Degree/Certification Pay must be requested after probation period ends)

  • Intermediate Certification or Associate Degree - $100 monthly
  • Advance Certification or Bachelors Degree - $150 monthly (College degree must be in a job-related field)
  • Master Peace Officer Certification - $200 monthly
  • Shift Differential Pay: Officer who work a shift in which more than 50% of their assigned shift is worked after 6 p.m. and before 6 a.m. are eligible for differential pay.
  • Longevity Pay is paid in a single payment in the pay period that includes November 1st each year and will be based on the table below. 
  • Bilingual Pay: Based on departmental needs and the City Manager's approval, officers who demonstrate the required level of proficiency in translating Spanish to English and English into Spanish through Department approved testing will be eligible to receive additional pay in the amount of $75 per month.
Longevity Pay Scale
Full Years of Service as of November 1st Annual One-Time Payment
1 year $50
2 year $100
3-4 years $1000
5-9 years $1250
10-14 years $1500
15-30 years $2000
31+ years $2000


The following are some of the benefits provided to Police Officers by the City of Waco.

  • Vacation: Eighteen (18) paid vacation days per year (based on 8-hour days).
  • Holidays: Twelve (12) paid holidays per year (based on 8-hour days).
  • Patrol Work Shift: Four 10-hour work days. (off Friday thru Sunday six months out of the year).
  • Military Leave: Officers are allowed 15 working days annually to fulfill reservist obligations.
  • Sick Leave: Sick time is accrued at a rate of 15 working days annually. (Unlimited accrual)
  • Insurance: The City of Waco may pay a portion of the employee's cost of health care. The amount paid could vary from year to year. Dependent family members can be added for an additional cost. Insurance benefits available include life, dental, vision, disability, and health.
  • Physical Wellness Program: If approved, officers may be allowed to exercise on duty in the department's fully equipped gym. Gym is open 24 hours a day.
  • 20 Year Retirement: Officers are eligible to retire after 20 years of service. The City matches the employee's contribution 2 to 1 in the Texas Municipal Retirement System.
  • Deferred Compensation Plan: Participation in Deferred Compensation is available for employees who want to save additional money for retirement and not pay taxes on the money until it is withdrawn at retirement. The City offers three deferred compensation plans: Metlife, ICMA, and Nationwide
  • Uniforms and Equipment provided