Solid Waste


Latest News

New Residential Fees

  • Residential collection base: $17.70
  • Extra cart: $8
  • Carts left at curb: $20
  • Overfilled carts/waste left outside carts: $20
  • Un-bagged trash: $20
  • Use of non-City carts: $20 

Glass4Good Recycle - Glass Recycling Program! 

  • We are making it easier than ever to recycle glass.
  • These purple roll-offs will be strategically placed throughout each district to allow more opportunities for citizens, businesses, tourists and the surrounding communities to recycle glass with ease.
  • For future updates, questions, or concerns: visit Keep Waco Beautiful!

Glass4Good rolloffs


Spring Holiday

Friday, April 7th, Solid Waste Offices and Cobbs Recycling Center will be closed. The Landfill will be closed to the public but open will accept franchise haulers until 4:30 p.m.

Friday's waste will be collected on Wednesday, April 5th

Saturday, April 8th, Cobbs Recycling Center will be closed.

About Us

  • We provide waste management services for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional garbage collection and disposal.
  • A city-owned and operated 237-acre landfill is managed for the end disposal of wastes originating in Waco and the surrounding region.
  • We are a self-supporting entity not funded by city tax dollars, funds come from solid waste service fees paid by customers.