Police Chaplains

Police Volunteer Chaplain Application

What does the Chaplain Do?

There are many different duties, which the Chaplain may be called upon to do.  Some of which are described as follows:

  1. Ride along with patrol officers and attend roll call meetings
  2. Visit sick and injured Police personnel in the hospital or home
  3. Counsel with officers and other personnel having personal problems at their request
  4. Available for invocations and benedictions for department functions and activities
  5. Participate in in-service training classes
  6. Death notifications of general public
  7. Respond to major disasters, accidents, or crimes when called upon
  8. Assist in making notification to families of department members, who have been seriously injured or killed
  9. Perform funerals, if called upon to do so

These are just some of the duties that a Chaplain may be called upon to perform.


  1. Be an ecclesiastically certified person in good standing and be recognized, as such, by a recognized religious body.  Duly ordained with a least five (5) years Pastoral experience
  2. Show a God-like compassion, understanding and love for others, and relates easily to people
  3. Be tactful and considerate in approaching all people, regardless of race, sex, creed, or religion
  4. Be emotionally stable
  5. Maintain high spiritual and moral standards
  6. Be willing and available to respond to any situation where a Chaplain’s presence is requested
  7. Must never have been convicted of a criminal offense or offense involving moral turpitude
  8. Submit an application to be screened by the Chaplain Coordinator.  A criminal history and background check will be completed on all applicants
  9. Be willing to commit to voluntary position of Chaplain for not less than two (2) years
  10. Be willing to minister to police officers

We want only serious applicants, who feel a calling by God to do this type of ministry.  It is imperative that we do backgrounds and have persons, who are qualified because of the nature of police work.

The Police Chaplain is first and foremost a person of God, duly ordained.

The Police Chaplain is a representative of their denomination, but ecumenical in service.

 Waco PD Chaplains