Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle

(When a person is given permission to operate a motor vehicle for any reason, but refuses to return it.)

The Police Department requires the following procedure be taken to confirm the offender has been officially notified to return the vehicle and refuses to do so. It is the responsibility of the reportee to meet these requirements. The vehicle will not be listed as stolen until this procedure has been followed.

  1. Send a demand letter via certified mail, return receipt requested, to the offender’s last known address advising them they have ten (10) days to return the vehicle or theft charges will be filed against them. (See sample letter below.) Include a detailed description of the vehicle in the letter, including year, make, license plate number, vehicle identification number, color, style etc. Make and retain a duplicate of the letter for your own records.
  2. If, after 10 calendar days you receive your return receipt, or the undelivered demand letter from the post office, and the vehicle has not been returned, come to the Records Department at the Police Departments at 3115 Pine Avenue in Waco.
    You will need to provide:
    1. A copy of the demand letter
    2. The return receipt or the unopened letter with the receipt attached.
    3. Title (or proof of ownership) to the vehicle
  3. At the Department you will be required to fill out a stolen vehicle affidavit, a statement describing the circumstances of the event and a desire to prosecute form. The detective will need all the above mentioned components to prepare a case.

Sample Demand Letter(PDF, 16KB)
Demanda de Muestra(PDF, 16KB)