Tuberculosis Prevention & Care

The Waco-McLennan County Public Health District (WMCPHD) has a team of specially trained staff that can assist in the medical management of clients diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB). Coordination with the client's primary care physician is vital to ensure that all aspects of the client's health are addressed.

WMCPHD staff is trained in contact investigation, direct observation therapy, proper medication management and overall case management of the client with tuberculosis.

TB Screening

Tuberculosis screening is provided to contacts of cases and high risk individuals in the TB clinic by appointment only. 

Testing may be offered free of charge to persons who have had recent exposure to a person with confirmed, active tuberculosis and in other situations that place them at considerable risk for development of TB disease if infected.


WMCPHD TB staff can assist with sputum collection, blood work and ordering of medications and supplies.  They also have an excellent rapport with Regional TB experts from Texas Center for Infectious Disease and UT Tyler and can assist in getting medical consultations for client with drug resistance, adverse drug reactions and pediatric cases.

Persons diagnosed with TB are provided medications free of charge through WMCPHD and the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Pharmacy.  Sputum for detection of acid fast bacilli and culture are also provided free of charge through DSHS in coordination with WMCPHD TB Elimination office.

Persons with positive TB skin tests, but no evidence of disease may be referred to WMCPHD clinics for the initiation of treatment for Latent TB infection (LTBI).  Medications are offered based on a sliding scale income for the LTBI therapy through our offices; however, services are provided regardless of ability to pay.  These medications are provided through the DSHS Pharmacy.

Persons who are referred to WMCPHD for LTBI therapy without a physician's prescription will be evaluated for the risk vs. benefit of receiving therapy and the local Health Authority will determine the need for treatment.

Reporting & Forms

Report a case or suspect of tuberculosis disease within one working day and an occurrence of latent tuberculosis infection within one week to the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District/TB Clinic. 


TB-400A Latent Tuberculosis(PDF, 2MB)

TB-400A Latent Tuberculosis Spanish(PDF, 376KB)

TB-400B Active Tuberculosis(PDF, 1MB)

TB-400B Active Tuberculosis Spanish(PDF, 401KB)

TB Symptom Questionnaire(DOC, 32KB)

TB Symptom Questionnaire Spanish(DOC, 35KB)

**For patients with a positive PPD or IGRA test and normal chest X-Ray, fax TB-400A, Symptom Questionnaire and copy of chest X-Ray. 

Additional Resources

To learn more about TB Statistics in the state of Texas visit the DSHS Texas Tuberculosis Data website. 

For more information about TB, LTBI or drug treatment, you can contact our offices at (254)750-5496 or visit the following websites:

Center for Disease Control
Texas Department of State Health Services
Heartland National TB Center


Contact Information

Amy Raborn, RN, Supervisor TB

Phone: (254)750-5495

Clinic Information

Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

Phone: (254)750-5496

Fax: (254)750-5453

Location: 225 W Waco Drive, Waco (2nd Floor of Health District Building)