Public Outreach Programs

To schedule any of the above programs, please contact the Community Outreach sections at (254) 750-1761. All programs are provided to our community free of charge.

Business Security Survey

A survey is conducted on the business evaluating security measures. The survey is conducted on the interior, exterior, and perimeter of the business. Recommendations are given to enhance problematic areas.

Areas evaluated: Doors, Windows, Locks, Landscaping, Lighting, Burglar Alarms, and Security Cameras.  

Car Seat Installations

Waco Police partners with KidSafe to provide certified child safety seat technicians to assist parents in learning to properly install their child’s car seat and properly secure them in the car seat.

Career Day

A program in which officers talk to kids about a career in law enforcement; what it takes to become a police officer and the different jobs within the law enforcement field.

Child ID

Kids are fingerprinted on a child I.D. card so parents have a record of their child’s fingerprint if it is ever needed for identification. Parents can add information and photos of the child as well as collect child’s DNA.

Choices and Consequences

A talk to young people about having to deal with the consequences of the choices they make in their everyday life and how it could affect them long term.

Citizens on Patrol

Students will learn proper procedures in patrolling, how to determine criminal/suspicious activity, how to report information to dispatch, use of police radios, learn the radio 10-codes used and traffic direction. This program is designed for citizens who would like to help the Waco Police Department in being an extra set of eyes and ears and report any suspicious activity. All applicants are subject to a background investigation and fingerprints are required to be on file prior to class date.

Citizens Police Academy

This program is an educational program designed to give the public a working knowledge of the Waco Police Department’s personnel and policies. It also gives citizens the opportunity to receive educational detail information from each Unit within the Waco Police Department. Topics include: Family Violence, Crimes against Children, Sex Offenders, Special Crimes, Internet Safety, Drugs, Self Defense, Crime Prevention (Home Safety), Concealed Weapons, DWI, etc. Students also receive educational course on most common offenses on Criminal Code & Procedure and Penal Code.

The academy is a 12-week program that consists of a series of classes held one night each week for 2 ½ hours. All students receive a certificate of completion from the academy once they graduate. All applicants are subject to a background investigation and fingerprints are required to be on file prior to class date.

Community Helper

A program in which officers talk to kids about 911, stranger danger, gun safety and wearing your seatbelt.

Drug Program

A program on what substances are currently being abused and the signs, symptoms & consequences of the abuse.


A career oriented program under Learning for Life designed for young adults between 14-20 years of age. The Waco Police Explorers experience hands on training on police tactics and the law enforcement field.

Holiday Safety

A personal safety presentation is conducted giving the audience safety precautions during the holiday season. The precautions include tips in burglary of motor vehicle prevention, burglary of habitation, robberies, thefts, and identity theft.

Home Inspections

Home owners can request a home inspection to receive a certificate for a reduction in their homeowners insurance after meeting certain requirements. (Homeowners must check with their insurance company to ensure the certificate will be honored.)

Home Security Survey

A survey is conducted on residential homes to evaluate security measures. The survey is conducted on the interior and exterior of the home. Recommendations are given to enhance problematic areas.

Areas evaluated: Doors, Windows, Locks, Landscaping, Lighting, and Burglar Alarms.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America. A presentation is given on how to prevent becoming a victim of Identity Theft. This program will also explain the steps one needs to follow if they are a victim of Identity Theft.

Internet Safety

A program that discusses the pros and cons of using the internet. Some topics discussed: social networking, purchasing items on line, cyber bullying, kids using the internet  

Junior Police Academy

The Junior Police Academy is setup for our young teens that are interested in the Criminal Justice field or one who would like to see what law enforcement is all about. Our main objective is to reach out to our young teens, through education of the Criminal Justice Program, and help them make the right choices in life as they become young adults.

The Academy is for students between the ages of 13 and 17 years of age. It is a (2) two week program which meets half-days each week. Students will have classroom educational topics, hands-on scenarios, and field trips to area criminal justice entities. JPA shirts will be given to students for outside field trips. This is a structured environment where rules, conduct, and dress code will be implemented.

During the two weeks students will meet and train with officers in various law enforcement functions. Topics range from training with SWAT officers, ROPES course, SFST training, traffic stops, Obstacle course, team building events and much more!

McGruff the Crime Dog

Citizens may borrow the McGruff costume for various events.

National Night Out

An annual event that encourages all citizens to come out, meet their neighbors and stand up to crime by being proactive in their neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Watch

This program explains how to get Neighborhood Watch started in your neighborhood. All Neighborhood Watch programs are conducted per street block and not by area.

PD Tours

Officer provide visitors with a guided tour of the Waco Police Department and Museum.

Personal Safety

Crime prevention tips to help people become less likely to be a target of criminal activity. Topics include robbery (business & personal), sexual assault, and burglary & theft prevention.

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon week is celebrated in honor of slain DEA Agent Enriques Camarena. Law Enforcement agencies throughout McLennan County visit area schools with helicopters and police cars to talk to students about the dangers of drugs and

Robbery Prevention

A program to give businesses/banks basic tips on being proactive to minimize a robbery and actions to take during and after a robbery.

Robot Program

Safety & crime prevention tips using the robot as a visual aid. Normally for young children; topics include “Officers are your Friends” 911, good touch- bad touch, stranger-danger etc… (Customized to our audience)

School Safety Programs

Officers cover topics that are current to students. Example: bullying, sexting, drug abuse, car seats info for student-parents, bike safety, vehicle safety driving tips. (Customized to our audience)

Senior Safety

A personal safety presentation is conducted and geared towards senior citizens. Many seniors find themselves victimized by scams and scam artists. The presentation explains steps to take to prevent becoming a victim of such crimes.

Home Security Vacation Checks

Going on vacation or leaving for the holidays? No one to watch your residence? Contact the Community Outreach Section! Complete a questionnaire and we’ll conduct periodic security checks, while you're away. Call (254) 750-1761 to arrange for and complete the questionnaire.

Work Place Safety

A program for businesses on how to practice work place safety. Topics discussed are handling irate customers; family violence; dealing with disgruntled or ex-employees; active shooter; robbery.