Baylor Shuttle

Baylor University Shuttle

Baylor University Shuttle Sign

The Baylor University Shuttle (B.U.S.) is a fixed route transportation system operated by Waco Transit in cooperation with the Baylor University Division of Operations and Facilities.

Students and visitors are encouraged to ride the B.U.S., which not only helps reduces vehicular traffic and parking congestion on campus but also increases access to campus activities. Service around the Baylor campus is available with no pass or boarding fee required.

For more information on this service please visit: the Baylor University B.U.S. webpage.

How to get to the H-E-B Plus Store (Valley Mills Drive):

For those Baylor students and citizens wanting to access the new H-E-B Plus store, on I35 and Valley Mills Drive, they may ride Waco Transit's Route 9/South Terrace, which goes through the Baylor campus twice per hour.

Departing from campus - headed TO H-E-B - at :21 after the hour. Arriving at campus - FROM H-E-B - at :57 after the hour.

(Route runs Monday through Saturday during Waco Transit's normal bus operating hours.)

Riders can purchase a day pass for $3 cash either on the bus itself or at the Waco Transit bus terminal (corner of 8th St. & Mary).

Monthly passes may also be purchased from the Waco Transit terminal for $40. For more information, please contact Waco Transit at 254-750-1900.