Street Maintenance Fees

Waco Neighborhood Streets

The Street Maintenance Fee will take effect October 2024. More information on how the fees are calculated for individual accounts will be available soon.

Over the last five years, the Waco City Council has focused on repair of Waco's streets.

  • Funding for streets has increased from $3 million to between $25 to $30 million per year.
    • Demand for repairs continued to exceed available available revenue.
    • Typically, street repairs are funded via property taxes, which are based on property values.

Note: Property values do not relate to the amount of traffic generated by the property.

About the Streets Maintenance Fee:

  • Designed to charge properties for street maintenance according to the amount of traffic they generate.
  • Traffic that uses city streets, creates wear and tear that must be repaired and maintained.
    • This pay-for-use approach is similar to how the city charges for water treatment/distribution and drainage maintenance.
    • A more equitable way to approach fairness of cost, it will provide much needed funds.