Streets Services


It is the goal of the City of Waco Streets Division to provide for the safe and efficient movement of traffic throughout the city, by the proper maintenance of the city's roadway and drainage infrastructures.

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Street Services maintains streets and drainage infrastructure. Primary areas of responsibility include streets, alley, paved stormwater conveyance channels, and emergency response.


Core services include administration of street operations, concrete repair and construction, gravel street maintenance, emergency response, alley maintenance where essential City Services are provided, street sweeping and storm drain maintenance which includes gutter and inlet cleaning along with ditch grading and cleaning. The Street Division will accomplish a level of performance consistent with the character and integrity of a professional organization. Although maintenance activities typically occur in a reactive environment, Street Operations will continue to focus on planning and maintenance activities and will actively see out opportunities for continuous improvement.

Better Streets Waco Interactive Map


  • Build an annual funding scenario within City's Pavement Management Program supporting the Better Street Waco campaign that exceeds the networks current pavement condition index (PCI) value
  • Develop a rolling five-year pavement improvement plan
  • Proactively manage street and drainage assets by creating a robust written strategic asset management plan
  • Implement innovative maintenance solutions
  • Enhance services provided using new technologies
  • Connect with our community - establish community stewards within neighborhood associations across the City
  • Enhance internal and external partnerships with City departments and State and Local government agencies
  • Invest in employee development and education