When do I need to get a permit from Engineering?

  • Anytime you will be excavating inside the street right of way (see next question) or if you are closing a lane of traffic.
  • Anytime you will be connecting to a water, sewer or storm drain line.
  • Anytime you will be building a drive approach, sidewalk, or curb.

Where is the street right of way?

  • The street right of way includes all paved surface plus the curb and gutter plus some distance behind the curb. The width of right of way behind the curb varies. You can view approximate right of way location on the Public Waco Map.

How do I need to get a permit from Engineering

I need a copy of a map showing the location of the existing underground storm drains, sanitary sewers, water lines. Where can I get this?

  • You may be able to find the information you need using the Public Waco Map. Many record drawings can be viewed on line using the map identify tool. This tool is accessed by clicking on the “i” near the top right hand corner of the map screen.
  • By contacting Engineering Services at (254) 750-5440. The fees are as follows:
    • Computer Generated Maps
      • Base $85.80 per hour
      • After 1 hour $80.30 per hour
      • Plotted Map 0.55 per sq. ft.
    • Fee for large Xerox (24"x36") copies $3.63 per page
    • Data Transfer Fee Base $85.80 base rate
      • After 1 hour $80.30 per hour

What are the fire hydrant test procedures?

I am interested in developing land in Waco? What information is available to help me get started?

When will my street be repaved?

  • All streets are evaluated each year for maintenance requirements. The Better Streets Waco site will show any work recommended or scheduled for your street.

What is not permitted with a building permit?

  • Curb and gutter, sidewalk and drive approaches are not included in a building permit. These items require a separate permit issued through the Engineering Department.

Why is the City surveying near my property?

  • Various other agencies and companies may be performing surveying activities. City of Waco employees will be driving City of Waco trucks with Engineering markings. If the survey crew is in this type of vehicle, you may contact the Engineering Services department at (254) 750-5440 for information.

Why are surveyors digging in my yard?

  • The City right of way generally extends some distance behind the curb, so part of your yard is probably in City right of way. In the process of performing a survey, monuments that mark the property and the right-of way must be found and measured. These monuments are usually iron rods or pipes that can be buried in the ground up to one foot or more in depth.

How do I access information regarding the City’s survey benchmarks?

  • See the Public Waco Map. Only recently revised benchmarks are shown on this map. Additional older benchmarks may be available; contact the Engineering Services department at (254) 750-5440 for more information.

How do I access information regarding floodplains and drainage within the City of Waco?

How do I report problems with traffic lights, traffic signs?

How do I report problems with potholes or other problems with the streets or drainage system?

How do I report problems with the sanitary sewer system or with the water distribution system?