Street Maintenance Fee FAQs

How much is the fee at my residential property?

Single family residences will pay $10 each month.

When will the Street Maintenance Fee take effect?

The Street Maintenance Fee will take effect in 2024. More information will be posted soon.

What is the Street Maintenance Fee?

The Street Maintenance Fee is a separate fee supporting maintenance of Waco streets, bridges and traffic signals. Funds collected will pay for materials, engineering and staff to maintain transportation systems. This allows tax revenue to be available for expansion and improvements. 

How is the fee determined?

For more information about how the fee is calculated, see the related ordinance.

Ordinance No. 2023-625(PDF, 556KB)

How will the fee be collected?

The fee will appear on your Waco water bill. You will pay the fee along with your other Waco utilities charges.

What is the penalty for not paying the fee?

Failure to pay the Street Maintenance Fee could result in discontinuance of utility services. Delinquent customers may be subject to a lien placed on their properties.

What do I do if I feel my fee is incorrect?

To file an appeal, fill out the appeal form (available January 1). The form will be reviewed by the Public Works Department. During the appeal process, you will still be required to pay the fee.

Who is exempt from the fee?

Residential only: If no vehicle is registered at the service address, you can file for an exemption using this form.(PDF, 62KB)

The exemption form must be notarized. Call (254) 750-7009 to make an appointment with a notary.


  • State Property
  • Federal Property
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Independent School Districts
  • County Property
  • Religious Organizations that are exempt from Property Tax