QR Fit Trail System

QR Fit Trail

With the help of Live Well Waco and the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District, we are pleased to offer the QR Fit Trail System, which is an active lifestyle campaign found in eleven parks throughout Waco.

Fitness signs are installed around walking and running trails in the selected parks. The grant-funded program also covered the cost of “Fit Loop” markings, which are in place along the paved trail loops in nine of the eleven parks. There are mile marker signs painted in these parks for distance tracking, and signs with healthy fun facts can be found in the parks, as well.

The trail signs feature QR Codes, which allow park users to scan the sign with a smartphone and access a world of instructional videos with different exercise pacing, modifications and techniques. Free QR code readers are available at smartphone app stores.

Additionally, fitness stations have been installed at ten area parks to encourage a healthier community and offer a way for park users of all ages to stay active and enjoy the space. Info posts near each piece of equipment provide instructions and show which area of the body is being targeted. The grant-funded stations feature a Tai Chi wheel, assisted push-up bar, ab/leg lift, plyometrics, pull-up/dip and elliptical.

Park locations include: