Repairs & Maintenance

Various Solutions

Asphalt Repairs

  • Asphalt maintenance personnel are responsible for repairing fallen sections of asphalt.
  • To repair asphalt sections, the street is cut and the fallen area is removed.
  • The area will be re-stabilized by adding a street base and asphalt will be installed in layers until it is brought up to grade level.
  • This process can take 1 to 2 days depending on how large the fallen area is.

Concrete Repair

  • Concrete maintenance personal is responsible for street, curb and gutter, and alley maintenance repairs.
  • To repair concrete streets, a full cut is made to the depth of the original concrete and removed and rebar is installed.
  • Concrete repairs on streets are more time consuming because it can take up to seven days for the concrete to cure.

Crack Sealing

  • Repairs consist of using a rubberized asphalt treatment intended to seal cracks in asphalt to prevent moisture from seeping below to the base and weakening the base.
  • This preventive maintenance measure is applied during the summer months.

Storm Inlet Maintenance

  • Storm inlets are checked and maintained by the street department.
  • Debris collected in these inlets can restrict the outflow and cause a flooding hazard during excessive rainfalls.
  • Please do not pour chemicals or blow leaves or yard clippings into inlets.

Street Sweeping

  • over 3000 curb miles swept each year
  • emergency response provided for traffic accidents, spills, and other events.

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