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Vehicle Traffic Counts

Waco Metropolitan Area Traffic Count Program

2015 Urban Traffic Counts

TxDOT 2020 Urban Traffic Map

Traffic volumes are measured for all roads within McLennan County classified as a collector, arterial or freeway. These counts are referred to as saturation counts and are performed once every five years. Saturation counts are performed for the MPO by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Difference between Average Daily Traffic (ADT) and Saturation Counts

The saturation counts measure only the number of axles divided by two. As a result, roadways with a large number of trucks will be overcounted. ADT takes into account the number of trucks and is a more accurate reflection of the number of vehicles. Notwithstanding, the saturation counts provide the MPO with trend data and are also the only consistent traffic data for roads off of the state highway system.

Most recent traffic counts(PDF, 61KB) (spreadsheet of volumes within the Metropolitan Area).

Map graphically depicting the volumes within the urbanized area(PDF, 1MB)

Map showing the change in traffic volumes between 2005 and 2010(PDF, 1MB)

Map showing the percentage of change in traffic volumes between 2005 and 2010(PDF, 1MB)

Pavement Management

City of Waco Pavement Management Program

The City of Waco's Better Streets Program website provides information on current and upcoming pavement management projects within Waco city limits.

TxDOT & Highway Resources

Travel Through Waco: IH-35 Information

My35 is your connection to the latest news, project and road condition updates, traffic camera views and community meetings along the IH-35 corridor.

TxDOT Project Tracker

The Texas Department of Transportation the gateway to information about more than 11,000 TxDOT projects, providing 24/7-access to the public, employees and elected officials. You can view projects by highway, project ID, TxDOT district, county or state/federal legislative district. As a project develops, its status may change from planning to design to construction. Project updates occur weekly and are retrieved from TxDOT systems daily. Data and schedules can change as information is updated.

Click here to go to Project Tracker. Search for keyword Waco-MPO to see projects in the Waco MPO region.

TxDOT Travel Survey Program

TxDOT conducts regional surveys every 10 years to identify travel patterns in urban areas across the state. The results help TxDOT and local planning organizations make cost-effective decisions about transportation projects. View travel patterns for the Waco Metropolitan Area.

TxDOT also has a statewide planning map that displays data in support of planning operations at TxDOT.

Transportation Planning Process