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About the Waco City Plan

The City Plan, Waco Comprehensive Plan 2040 was adopted by Waco City Council on September 6, 2016. This document is the fifth comprehensive plan prepared by the City of Waco and guides the future development of our city for the next 25 years.  The City Plan describes our current issues, goals, objectives, and makes policy and action recommendations to progress toward achieving those goals.

The City Plan, Waco Comprehensive Plan 2040 covers all aspects of the city such as land use regulations, transportation, utilities, parks, and neighborhoods. The final document may be viewed by clicking the links for Part A and Part B or you may visit our Waco City Plan page for more information.

The City Plan - Comprehensive Plan Part A

The City Plan - Comprehensive Plan Part B

Vacation Rentals

Individuals who are interested in operating a bed and breakfast, or renting their private home, a room in their home, a cottage on premises, or other structure for hosting overnight guests in Waco, Texas are required to apply for a special permit.

Just as a quick summary, anyone charging more than $2 per night, should:

  1. Get their Special Permit requiring notification of neighbors and a hearing.
  2. Get set up to pay their occupancy tax. (Tax is 7% payable to the City, and 6% to the State of Texas, totaling 13%).

Text from Codes and Ordinances: Temporary residential rental unit. A residential dwelling unit where short-term lodging is provided for compensation, the owner does not reside on the property and breakfast  provided for overnight guest is optional. Short-term lodging shall be considered to be for a period of time under 30 days.

Please review the materials provided here for a general explanation of this application process, as well as information regarding Hotel Occupancy Taxes.

For existing homes, please review the materials provided here for a more detailed explanation of this application process.

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Planning Services works with the City Council, Plan Commission, and Board Of Adjustment to ensure the orderly, safe, and responsible development of Waco. We are here to assist you with issues involving zoning, subdivision, annexations, and demographics. Please let us know what we can do for you.

Upjohn Institute Study-City of Waco Employment Challenges & Opportunities


The City of Waco has adopted a Comprehensive Plan to guide development of all property within the city. This plan includes a Land Use Plan which takes into account existing land use, development trends, and policies, which guide zoning decisions in the form of a map of proposed land use patterns. Each lot is assigned a specific zoning classification to further regulate development.

Read more about zoning definitions in our Codes and Ordinances.

Helpful zoning definitions.

The Need for Zoning

Zoning requirements are enacted to promote the public health, safety and general welfare within a community. By regulating the way property is developed, cities protect these interests while providing citizens with a guide to the future uses for property within the city.

Approved Downtown Master Plan (Imagine Waco: A Plan for Greater Downtown)

Near Northside Master Plan

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