Zoning Code Enforcement

Planning Department is to provide adequate standards to maintain and improve the development and redevelopment of land through lot area, yard, land use intensity and building bulk, size and height standards. Compliance to the City of Waco Ordinances is required. The Planning department provides zoning code enforcement. The most restrictive standard applies and controls. For example if regulations applicable to the Downtown Overlay District or any other special zoning district are more restrictive, those regulation apply and control.

Illegal Sign Placement

It is illegal to erect or affix a sign in the right of way (the area from the curb to the sidewalk), on the median (the area in the middle of any street), on street trees, public fences and/or buildings or utility / telephone poles.

The regulation of signs is intended to allow clear and concise information to be presented to the public. Compliance required.

Off-Premises Signs shall mean a sign displaying advertising or information copy that refers to a business, person, organization, activity, event, place, service or product not principally located or primarily manufactured or sold on the premises on which the sign is located.

On-premises sign shall mean a sign identifying or advertising a business, person, or activity and installed and maintained on the same premises as the business, person or activity, or displaying a noncommercial message on the premises of a business, person or activity.

Permanent sign shall mean a sign permanently affixed to a building or to the ground.


Other Ordinances

  • Fence Height Ordinance
    Fences shall not exceed six feet in height where located on any part of a lot zoned for residential or office use, or eight feet in height on any part of a lot zoned for commercial and industrial uses and shall comply with sight obstructions under the city traffic code.
  • Carports and Detached Garages Ordinance
  • Accessory Structures (guest quarters, sheds and workshops) Ordinance
  • Home Occupations
    No alteration of any kind shall be made to the principal building which changes its residential character as a dwelling unit. No open storage shall be allowed. The occupation shall not involve more than a total of 300 square feet of the area of a dwelling unit, except for a registered family home as defined herein, in which case no maximum area shall apply. No sign shall be permitted on the premises except a nonilluminated name plate no larger than one square foot in area. There shall be no commodity sold or services rendered that require delivery or shipment of merchandise, goods or equipment by other than passenger motor vehicles, three-quarter-ton step-up van or similar sized trucks. There shall be no perceptible noise, odor, smoke, electrical interference or vibrations emanating from the structure in which the home occupation functions. The home occupation shall be conducted in such a manner that it does not create parking or traffic congestion for the abutting or adjoining neighbors or for the immediate neighborhood. The owner shall comply with all building, plumbing, electrical, and all other codes of the city. The occupation shall be operated in accordance with all state laws and, if a state permit is required, such permit shall be obtained prior to beginning operation.
  • Garage or Yard Sales Signs
    Garage or yard sales will be permitted in the R-1 district through R-3 district and in other districts where primary use of property is residential.
    Only tangible personal property may be sold at the garage or yard sale. Here shall not be more than two garage or yard sales by the same property owner or tenant at the same location during any calendar year. All sales shall be confined to the premises. The duration of any garage or yard sale shall not exceed three consecutive calendar days.