Development Plan Review

Thank you for considering development in the City of Waco; we are dedicated to serving you in the best way possible. The Development Plan Review process is intended to promote a standard of development in the City of Waco which will contribute to the long-term maintenance of economic vitality, protection of public and private investment in land and structures, and a desirable working and living environment for the residents of the city. Development plan review is required to verify compliance with site development standards for those uses which, because of type or intensity of use, location within major transportation corridors, or density of development, have a potential impact on adjacent uses, public facilities, or environmental conditions.

The Development Plan Review process is not one but a series of separate review processes established to implement the City of Waco’s policies, standards and regulations for land use and development. These processes are as follows:

Zoning Process
Zoning Board of Adjustment
Subdivision Platting
Abandonment Process
Encroachment Agreements
Plan Review Process (see below)

Each of these processes is described on our website (click on links above). The circumstances relative to your project may require you to go through one or more of these processes, and often, they can be conducted simultaneously.

Plan Review Process

The plan review process is required of any individual who applies for a building permit or a certificate of occupancy for a building other than a single-family residential structure. It may also be required for other permit types such as site grading and parking lot permits. The plan review team is comprised of the following city departments and outside agencies; depending on the scope of the permit request, all or some of these representatives may be involved in the review:

  • City Center Waco
  • Economic Development/TIF
  • Environmental Health
  • Fire
  • Inspections
  • Oncor Electric Delivery
  • Planning
  • Public Works (Engineering, Traffic, Stormwater Compliance)
  • Solid Waste
  • Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)
  • Utilities
  • Waco Transit

The plan review team meets every Wednesday afternoon in the Main Conference Room of the Dr. Mae Jackson Development Center, 401 Franklin Avenue, and reserves time between 2pm and 4pm to meet with individuals and design teams who would like to discuss their proposed project, ask questions of the team, and receive preliminary feedback. To schedule an appointment with the plan review team, please contact the Inspection Service Department at (254) 750-5612. Due to the number of requests, staff has allotted a specific amount of time for each appointment. All feedback given at these appointments is preliminary in nature; official comments will be provided when the permit request is received. Please note that additional meetings may be required to discuss specific issues in depth (such as engineering, fire, or building codes).

What to Bring to Your Plan Review Appointment:

  • Conceptual Plans (site plans, renderings, building elevations)
  • Specific questions and requests for specific department representation (we will do our best to accommodate your request)
  • It’s preferred that you send project information and questions ahead of time, so that it can be distributed to the plan review team.