Special Zoning Overlay Districts

What is an Overlay District? Just like it sounds, it “overlays” the existing base zoning district and provides additional design regulations that address desired form of development and issues that are unique to a specific area. An overlay can include increased regulations/restrictions or relaxed restrictions/codes.

City Wide Overlay Map(PDF, 1MB)

Brazos River Overlay Corridor District: The primary purpose of these special provisions for development in the Brazos River Corridor district is to ensure the development of the Brazos River Corridor as a center for quality recreation, convention, tourism, housing and office facilities. The regulations are designed to protect the special environment character of the corridor; to promote continued private and public investment. Additional development standards and design guidelines for the district are intended to preserve the distinctive character and natural beauty of the Brazos River Corridor and to maintain its charm and atmosphere.

College and University Neighborhoods Overlay District: The college and university neighborhoods district purposes to facilitate development which complements the physical and social characteristics of a higher education institution and the surrounding neighborhoods. Such characteristics include landscaping, architecture, open space, pedestrian access, and transportation patterns. The regulations of the district aim to alleviate traffic and parking congestion, provide incentives for high quality student housing, and protect existing single-family homes.

Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District: The Neighborhood Conservation District is intended to encourage the continued vitality of older residential areas of the city; to promote the development of a variety of new housing of contemporary standards in existing neighborhoods; and to maintain a desirable residential environment and scale. Additional site development standards applicable to the District are intended to promote infill development of a compatible residential scale and to encourage provision of adequate open space and site amenities.

Downtown Overlay District: The Downtown District is intended to provide for a mix of land uses that will promote a downtown where people can live, work, and play within its boundaries, create a place that values the architectural history of our community while encouraging the best of contemporary design, to encourage human interaction through creating a safe and attractive pedestrian friendly environment and to promote the good, health, safety and general welfare of property users surrounding the downtown area.

West End Overlay District: This district is intended to encourage the stabilization and revitalization of a mixed-use area between downtown and the residential portion of the Austin Avenue neighborhood.

La Salle Avenue Corridor District: The purpose of the La Salle Avenue Corridor District is to preserve and enhance a business district that is rich in heritage, historic architecture, business activity, and significance as both a destination and a connector. It further aims to guide LaSalle Avenue's development into an area that serves existing and future business and property owners; both Waco residents and visitors; and both vehicular and pedestrian travelers.