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Please visit our Meetings page for information on upcoming MPO Policy Board and Technical Committee meetings.

About the Waco MPO

The Waco Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) coordinates transportation planning activities for all of McLennan County. Click here for a map showing the Metropolitan Area Boundary. The Waco MPO is governed by a 20 member Policy Board and informed by a Technical Advisory Committee. 

MPOs were established by the federal government to ensure that transportation decisions within the MPO area are performed in a continuing, comprehensive, and cooperative process, and guided by local and public input. MPOs develop long-range transportation plans and program funds for projects and operations. The plans serve as the roadmap for future projects and programs. MPOs also conduct short-range planning and identify projects and funding sources.

COVID-19 Response: Waco MPO Operations and Resources

June 16, 2020

Impacted Programs, Meetings, and Events

The Waco MPO is working to help minimize the health impacts of COVID-19 within our region. The safety and well-being of our employees, their family members, and the people we serve remains paramount during this rapidly changing time as we continue to provide the utmost service to our region. The Waco MPO staff may be working remotely at times, however we will still available and operational during normal business hours. If working remotely, Waco MPO staff can be reached via email, conference call, and video call.

Policy Board and Technical Committee Meetings during social distancing

The Governor of Texas extended the current Public Health Disaster Declaration on June 12, 2020 for an additional 30 days.  In accordance with the extension of social distancing guidelines as a result of the declaration, Policy Board and Technical Committee meetings will be held virtually until the declaration expires and is not renewed.  Each meeting will be audio recorded and made available for listening on the Waco MPO's Meetings page.

All meetings have the option for public participation through use of a call-in number. Additionally, members of the public may submit written comments on any agenda item under the virtual meeting process.  Meeting agendas, the call-in number, and the deadline for submitting written comments can be found under each meeting on the Meetings page. Any public comments received prior to the deadline will be read into the official record as part of the agenda.

Members of the public desiring to address the Policy Board for specific public hearings listed on the agenda may do so provided they register in advance.  Persons registered to speak will be given 3 minutes to address the Board and will be prompted during the conference call when it is your opportunity to speak. The deadline to register can be found under “Policy Board” on the Meetings page.

Public Involvement during social distancing

The Waco MPO is dedicated to facilitating local input in regional transportation planning and decision making in McLennan County. Public engagement is critical to ensuring that the MPO is meeting the needs of the communities we serve.

In the wake of COVID-19, all Public Informational Meetings are being conducted virtually. The Waco MPO has adopted teleconferencing technology to ensure public participation in MPO meetings and community events while staying compliant with social distancing guidelines. Opportunities for public comment on MPO plans and programs are listed on the Get Involved page.  On this webpage, the public can find MPO staff PowerPoint presentations, the dates, times, and call-in number for virtual public informational meetings, and information on how to provide comments. 

As a reminder, the Waco MPO welcomes public feedback and engagement in all forms, and there are several more ways you can engage with us. Visit our Get Involved page to learn all the ways you can stay informed.