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Buildable Lots Open for Bidding

All property packages will include deed restrictions of:

  1. Construction Completion must occur within two (2) years after the recorded date located on the deed. If Construction Completion does not occur within two years after the recorded date located on the deed, the City may exercise its right of reversion to require title to the property. This restriction will be secured by the deed on the property.
  2. If the Awarded Bidder wishes to sell the property prior to two years after the deed is recorded, the City has the first right to repurchase the property at the same purchased price, if development on the property is not complete as determined exclusively by the City. This restriction will be secured by the deed on the property.

Request for Bid Packages (RFB)

This is a bid opportunity for the highest and best written offer with a minimum set bid amount, these are all trustee properties owned by multiple taxing entities. Bids are accepted per package. All listed properties are vacant lots. The link to the bid package will be available August 15th.

Disclaimer Notice

The City of Waco is offering Spanish translation services. The services provided by The City of Waco are limited to translating the contract and instructions from English to Spanish.

We do not offer any other administrative services, such as filing, signing, or verifying the documents.

The accuracy and completeness of the translation is not guaranteed, and the City is not liable for any errors or omissions that may occur.

The translation is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or endorsement. You are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

*To receive assistance for interpretation services in Spanish please call (254) 750-5650 or send an email to Josephine Olvera, City of Waco.

Aviso de Exención de Responsabilidad

La Ciudad de Waco ofrece servicios de traducción al español. Los servicios ofrecidos por la Ciudad de Waco se limitan a la traducción del contrato y las instrucciones del inglés al español.

No ofrecemos ningún otro servicio administrativo, como archivar, firmar o verificar los documentos.

La exactitud y exhaustividad de la traducción no está garantizada, y la Ciudad no es responsable de los errores u omisiones que puedan ocurrir.

La traducción tiene únicamente fines informativos y no constituye asesoramiento o aprobación legal. Usted es responsable de cumplir con todas las leyes y regulaciones aplicables.

*Para recibir asistencia para los servicios de interpretación en español, llame al (254) 750-5650 o envíe un correo electrónico a Josephine Olvera, Ciudad de Waco.

Some packages qualify for Residential Tax Abatement Program

Developers seeking city funds may be subject to other requirements.

For information regarding water/sewer lines and taps, enter the property id number in the Public Waco Map

Package 1 - Affordable Workforce Development Required

700 Harlem St. (166526) - .16ac (50x140), platted, RTA
701 Harlem St. (166464) - .16ac (50x140), platted, RTA
706 Harlem St. (166527) - .16ac (50x140), platted, RTA
Min. Bid: $14,308
Zoned: R-1B

Of the three completed lots, one must be sold to an individual and/or family who is at 80% or below the Area Median Income (“AMI”) as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, one must be sold to an individual and/or family who is at 120% or below the AMI as defined by HUD, and one can be sold with no income restrictions on the purchaser of the property.

More Information
Current Income Limits
Family Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
80% AMI (Low-Income) $41,450 $47,400 $53,300 $59,200 $63,950 $68,700 $73,450 $78,150
120% AMI (Moderate-Income) $62,150 $71,050 $79,900 $88,800 $95,900 $103,000 $110,100 $117,200
Current Maximum Monthly Affordable Rent/Mortgage Limits
Family Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
80% AMI $1,036.25 $1,185.00 $1,332.50 $1,480.00 $1,598.75 $1,717.50 $1,836.25 $1,953.75
120% AMI $1,553.75 $1,776.25 $1,997.50 $2,220.00 $2,397.50 $2,575.00 $2,752.50 $2,930.00
Maximum Sales Price
  1-Unit (Single Family)
80% AMI $246,000
120% AMI $350,000

Package 2 - Market Rate Development Required

1308 N. 12th St. (178910) - .1722ac (50x150), platted, RTA
Min. Bid: $8,700
Zoned: R-2

There are no income restrictions on the purchaser of the completed property.

Package 3 - Market Rate Development Required

2125 Trice St. (194807) - .1756ac (50x153), platted, RTA
Min. Bid: $6,272
Zoned: R-2

There are no income restrictions on the purchaser of the completed property.

Package 4 - Market Rate Development Required

1905 S. 21st St. (171838) - .1894ac (50x165), platted
Min. Bid: $11,552
Zoned: R-2

There are no income restrictions on the purchaser of the completed property.

Package 5 - Market Rate Development Required

1915 S. 21st St. (171836) - .1894ac (50x165), platted
Min. Bid: $11,552
Zoned: R-2

There are no income restrictions on the purchaser of the completed property.

Package 6 - Market Rate Development Required

2014 Herring Ave. (173450) - .19ac (75x165), RTA
Min. Bid: $6,568
Zoned: R-2

There are no income restrictions on the purchaser of the completed property.

Package 7 - Market Rate Development Required

2146 Primrose Ave. (167802) - .37ac (50x325), RTA
Min. Bid: $11,340
Zoned: R-1B

There are no income restrictions on the purchaser of the completed property.

Package 8 - Market Rate Development Required

3201 N. 15A St. (185092) - .285ac (59x150)
Min. Bid: $8,096
Zoned: R-2

There are no income restrictions on hte purchaser of the completed property.


Unbuildable Lots for Direct Sale

The city of Waco has a few Direct Sale Properties which are considered unbuildable/substandard lots. These lots are too small AND do not meet the standard building requirements.

The unbuildable lots are only for sale to neighboring property owners. Adjacent property owners may email to schedule an appointment to purchase.

View Available Properties

About Tax Foreclosures

The best way to obtain a tax foreclosure is to reach out to MVBA Law learn their process and check their website for upcoming tax foreclosure sales.

Tax Foreclosures are FIRST offered for Sale on County Court House steps every other month.

Obtain the list of properties.
The list is located on their site 21 days prior to each scheduled sale date.

Kendra, City of Waco Property Manager, is also the manager of Trustee Properties that are owned by the County, ISD and the City.

The Trust receives new inventory, if a property DOES NOT sell on the courthouse steps, then the property is deed to the Trust for the benefit all taxing entities, WISD, County and the City of Waco.

The Trust has not received properties recently, as the majority are sold on the courthouse steps.

Email Notifications & FAQs

For general questions about the packages of properties for sale or for interpretation services in Spanish, please call (254) 750-5650 or send an email to

Para preguntas generales sobre los paquetes de propiedades en venta o para servicios de interpretación en español, por favor llame (254) 750-5650 o mande un correo electrónico a

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who owns the property?

A: The McLennan County Appraisal District (MCAD) is responsible for keeping ownership information on each piece of property in McLennan County. They maintain this information, so the tax notice goes to the right person. You can find the owners information on their website; you will need to provide the street address or the legal description of the property (lot and block). (254) 752-9864(Their office is on 26th Street between Franklin and Clay Avenue.)

Q: How do I learn about the allowed zoning uses & setbacks on properties?

A: Contact a planner in the Planning Services Division (254) 750-5650.

Q: Can a mobile home be built on a tax-foreclosed lot?

A: No. Some modular homes are allowed. For the specifics on what can be built on a lot, contact Inspection services division/Plan Review at (254) 750-5674.

Q: What is the bid process?

A: The city has a public sale called Sealed Bid Sales. The property manager determines which properties will be offered for sale through the sealed bid process. Often, while the city holds the property during the redemption period, if there are multiple inquiries, the property is selected for bid process so everyone will have an opportunity to purchase. All bids will be opened at a public meeting at the Purchasing Services Office.

Q: Does the property have access to sewer or water?

A: Contact the City's Engineering Department (254) 750-5440.

Q: If back taxes are owed on a property, does this mean I can pay the back taxes and become the owner?

A: No. Although some jurisdictions may permit some variation involving back taxes, Texas law does not work that way. Tax sales may occur the first Tuesday of any month. For more information on these auctions, call the law firm of McCreary, Veselka, Bragg & Allen, at (254) 756-7755 or find the upcoming sale list at:

Q: How do I Purchase a Tax Foreclosure Property?

A: Tax Foreclosures (Tax Sale) are auctioned by the Constable’s office on the first Tues of the month on the courthouse steps.

You can participate in Sealed Bid Sales, which are held periodically. Certain properties are offered to obtain the highest possible price through a bid process. When a Sealed Bid Sale is scheduled, it will be announced on our web page and in the Waco Tribune-Herald.

Complete the form "Subscribe for property information"  to be contacted via email when new properties are for sale.

Q: How does the City obtain the property from tax foreclosures?

A: If no one at the Court House auction bids (Tax Sale) on the property located within the City limits, it is struck in trust to the City of Waco. Properties that do not sell at a tax sale become part of the resale inventory offered by the City of Waco. These properties are for sale after the 6 month or two year redemption period. Detailed instructions about the resale procedures are described below.

Q: Is all City-owned property sold through the Property Management office?

A: No. The majority of properties for sale are tax-foreclosed properties. The City owns many Right of Ways and properties for drainage throughout the City which are not for sale.

As mentioned above, majority of tax-foreclosed properties are sold on the court house steps through McCreary, Veselka, Bragg and Allen Law Firm.

Q: How can I find out more information on Tax Sales

A: All rules dealing with tax sales can be found in the Texas Property Tax Code.

Q: What is one piece of advice prior to purchasing a Tax Sale on Courthouse steps?

A: Understand the meaning of Right of Redemption: All properties sold at a tax sale are subject to the previous owner's right of redemption. To learn more about owner's rights visit Chapter 34 of the Texas Property Tax Code.

Properties without a homestead exemption or agricultural land-use designation maybe purchased back by the previous owner within six months of the date the deed was filed. The owner of the property must pay a 25% fee of the auction price plus all taxes, costs and fees.
Properties with a homestead exemption or special land-use designation may be redeemed by the previous owner within two-years of the date the deed was filed. The buy back fee is 25% of auction price in the first year and 50% of the auction price the second year, plus taxes, costs and fees.

Q: What other programs assist with affordable housing?

A: City of Waco Housing and Community Development Services Department at (254) 750-5656 offers programs to assist with affordable housing in Waco.

Q: How does the City Acquire Property?

A: All statutory cities have authority to acquire real estate for various purposes. These cities may acquire real property either within or outside their corporate limits. Statutory cities may acquire real estate in any of the following ways:

  • Purchase. A city can acquire the title to land by simply buying it.
  • Gifts of land. A city can accept gifts of land.
  • Dedication. A city can require developers to dedicate land for parks, streets, and utility purposes as a condition of subdivision approval.
  • Devise. A city may receive real estate in a person’s will.
  • Eminent domain (condemnation). This is a required sale of land to a government entity for public use or public purpose.
  • Tax-Foreclosure. Tax Sales are the final remedy to collect delinquent property taxes. Conducted by a deputy constable, the tax sale is held on the first Tuesday of the month at 2:00 p.m. on the steps of the McLennan County Courthouse. The tax sale is separate from any other foreclosure sales held at the same time on the courthouse steps.
  • Easements. A city often acquires easements over property for such things as streets, sewers, storm drains and utilities. Sometimes these easements are acquired by purchase or condemnation; other times the owner of the property may gift them to the city.

Consumer Protection
The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) regulates real estate brokers and sales agents, real estate inspectors, home warranty companies, easement and right-of-way agents, and timeshare interest providers. You can find more information and check the status of a license holder at TREC.Texas.govPlease click here to read the Consumer Protection Notice.

Brokerage Services
Texas law requires all real estate license holders to give the following information about brokerage services to prospective buyers, tenants, sellers and landlords. A broker is responsible for all brokerage activities, including acts performed by sales agents sponsored by the broker.