Debt Obligation

The City of Waco is committed to Transparency. Transparency provides our citizens with information and promotes accountability.

The City’s current outstanding debt is comprised of tax-supported debt, TIF supported debt, revenue-supported debt, and capital financing agreements.

Current Debt Obligations

Debt Amount Per Capita
Tax Supported $224,730,000 $1,561
TIF Supported $45,915,000 $319
Revenue Supported $450,815,000 $3,339
Capital Financing Agreement $3,550,000 $25
Total Outstanding Debt Obligations $755,010,000 $5,244


Historic Bond Election Information

Purpose Approval
Status Amount Authorized
Waco Convention Center 5/2/2007 Approved $17,500,000
Fire Stations 5/2/2007 Approved $6,800,000
Parks & Recreation Facilities 5/2/2007 Approved $11,700,000
Police Facilities 5/2/2007 Approved $13,000,000
Library System Improvements 5/2/2007 Approved $12,000,000
Texas Ranger HOF 5/2/2007 Approved $2,000,000
Total General Obligation Bonds     $63,000,000

Future Bond Elections

There are no scheduled bond elections.

Other Information