Planning an Outdoor Event

The City of Waco is a great place to host outdoor events such as races, parades and festivals. A permit is required for events taking place on, or impacting, city property, parks, streets or right-of-ways.

Please contact our events office at 254-750-5627 or email if you have any questions.

When a Permit is Needed

  • More than 150 people on public property.
  • More than 50 people on public property if vending or if equipment present.
  • Street closures / obstruction of traffic whether on public or private property.
  • First Amendment events that are requesting street closures, city services or exclusive use of public property.

Submission Deadlines

Applications accepted 365 days in advance. Applications must be submitted by the following:

  • 5 days      (First Amendment events)
  • 45 days    (Attendance less than 500)
  • 60 days    (Attendance 501-4,999)
  • 180 days  (Attendance more than 5,000)

Payment Deadlines

  • The $50 processing fee must be submitted with the permit application.
  • No later than 15 days before an event, the applicant will receive a cost estimate for city services.
  • No later than 10 days before an event, a payment of the full cost of real property, along with a security deposit that is equal to one-third of the remainder of the estimated City costs and fees.
  • The applicant shall pay any remaining fees owed the City for the event within sixty (60) days after the event ends.

Application and Forms

Traffic Service Fees

Outdoor Events and Parades Ordinance

Please call 254-750-5627 for information on the following: