Bulky Waste Services

We provide a monthly curbside collection (by request only) at residential homes of items that are too large, heavy or bulky to fit in the gray garbage cart for normal garbage pickup. 

Bulky Rules

How much can be set out?

Request a Bulky Waste Collection

When to put items at the curb?  

  • Place bulky items at the curb then request your bulky waste collection. Crews will evaluate pickup and collect the items listed if the pile meets the requirement.
  • If the pile exceeds the 6x6x6 feet, the household will be notified to proceed the work order at the estimated fee.  
  • After crews have collected items on a street, do not place more bulky items on the curb until the following month.

Where to place bulk items?  

  • A bulk pile must be at least five feet away from trees, mailboxes, water meters, fences and other obstructions or it will not be collected.
  • A bulk pile located under trees or where tree branches block access will not be collected.
  • Any items that will fit in your Grey Garbage Cart(PDF, 10MB) are not bulk and should be put in plastic bags and placed in your grey Garbage Cart.

Separate bulk trash and bulk brush 

  • Create separate piles for household bulk waste and bulk brush.(PDF, 1MB)
  • There should be a minimum of two feet between the piles.
  • Bulk waste goes to the landfill; bulk brush gets processed and turned into mulch. 

Illegal Dumping

What does it mean for a community?

  • Illegally dumped trash reduces the beauty of public places including neighborhood streets, parks, and waterways.
  • Illegally dumped trash is more than an ugly eyesore.
  • Illegal dumpsites can be… a fire hazard and/or a health hazard!

Report Illegal Dumping


Waco Solid Waste works in partnership with the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department through the funding of officers to enforce illegal dumping laws throughout Greater Waco and the County.

Waco Solid Waste Services will continue its successful partnerships with community leadership organizations such as Keep Waco Beautiful and Neighborhood Associations to organize special clean-up events, such as the Brazos River Clean-Up, Neighborhood and Baylor Steppin’ Out Clean-Up events and Earth Day celebrations.