Waco’s well developed infrastructure is the foundation that supports a successful and effective business environment in Waco.

Land (Development Sites)

Waco has 3 Industrial Parks with thousands of acres of development potential.

  • Texas Central Park(PDF, 4MB) encompasses 3,000 acres, with 1,200 of them available for development. Located in the intersection at the intersection of I-35, Texas Highway 6, and US Highway 84, the park is served by the Union Pacific main railroad line and is home to 75 companies with over 8,600 employees and over 10 million square feet, including Coca Cola North America, Masterfoods USA, Caterpillar, and Allergan, to name a few.
  • Waco International Aviation Park(PDF, 1MB) , near Texas State Technical College (TSTC) and Interstate 35, is prime property for those in the aviation industry. TSTC is home to an all-weather runway that is 8,600 feet x 150 feet. Because the airport is not utilized by commercial airlines, the airspace is not congested. Over 300 acres of land are available for lease on TSTC airport. Adjacent to the airport is property that is particularly well suited to aircraft manufacturing and assembly. Other acreage is appropriate for aviation supplier networks not needing flight line access. Approximately 700 acres are available for development. The park is currently home to L-3 Integrated Communications, Sanderson Farms, and Dr Pepper Bottling.
  • Waco Regional Airport Industrial Park(PDF, 914KB) is open to all types and sizes of business. The location lends itself naturally to businesses involved in the development or production of aviation-related products and services, and also works well for businesses that are compatible with the restrictions and regulations established by the FAA for land uses near airports. There are prime locations with ramp access connected directly to the airport runways. Businesses not requiring direct access to ramps can be located in either obligated or non-obligated areas of the airport. Non-obligated property can also be considered for sale through the newly created land sale incentive program at Waco Regional. This industrial park is also home to a Foreign Trade Zone to better meet the needs of all aviation, aviation-related, and non-aviation businesses that may locate there.
  • Waco also has a thriving downtown area, and riverfront properties with excellent development opportunities. Every business development needs several elements to insure success: managerial expertise, production and distribution skills, knowledge of their markets, access to capital, land, buildings, water, and a skilled labor force. You supply the first three and we will help you find the rest.
  • Many high quality commercial properties are available for all kinds of businesses.

Water - Utilities

In 2003, Waco leaders had the foresight to raise the water level of Lake Waco by 7 feet to ensure an abundant supply of water for the region well into the 21st century. About Waco's Water Supply.

Solid Waste - Recycling

The City of Waco Solid Waste Services Department provides a variety of services, including residential and commercial trash pickup, roll-offs, and recycling programs in area schools.

Electricity Providers & Links

Waco has several electric service providers. To find out more and compare services and prices go to Power to Choose, or call Texas Electric Choice Answer Center toll-free at 1-866-797-4839.

Atmos Energy (Natural Gas Provider) & Link

Atmos Energy is the largest pure natural gas distributor in the United States, that provides regulated utility services to more than 3.2 million customers in 1,600 communities in 12 states. More information is available at 1-888-286-6700.

Public Safety

Waco Fire Department

The Waco Fire Department is dedicated to a safe living environment that encourages economic prosperity, community well being and desirable neighborhoods by protecting lives and property from all kinds of emergencies and disasters through proactive fire prevention, code management, community education, and emergency preparedness.

Waco Police Department

The City of Waco Police Department strives to provide services to the Waco Community with professionalism, integrity, accountability and respect, to preserve life and property, to enforce the law within the framework of the Constitution and to work in partnership with the community to enhance the quality of life in Waco.

Emergency Management Services

City of Waco, McLennan County, and surrounding cities have created the Waco-McLennan County Emergency Management Team in order to respond to major emergencies. In the case of a major disaster a central command post may be established at the Emergency Operations Center where decisions can be made in a unified manner. For more information contact the Emergency Operations Coordinator at (254) 750-5911.