Conflicts & Disclosure Statements

Effective January 1, 2006, members of a municipal governing body are required to file a conflict disclosure statement with their City Records Administrator (City Secretary). A member of the governing body must file a conflict disclosure statement within seven days of becoming aware of the following circumstances:

  1. A city officer, or a member of the city officer's family, has an employment or other business relationship with any person who does business with the city or is being considered by the city for a business relationship, and that relationship results in income for the elected official or the family member; or
  2. A city officer, or member of the city officer's family, have received certain gifts valued at more than $250.00 in the preceding 12 months from any person who does business with the city or is being considered by the city for a business relationship.

The bill also requires a vendor who wishes to conduct business or be considered for business with a city to file a "conflict of interest questionnaire (see section below)." The conflicts Texas Ethics Commission disclosure statement (Form CIS) and the conflict of interest questionnaire (Form CIQ) were created by th and are available online. Failure to complete and file a statement shall be a Class C misdemeanor, which is punishable by a fine up to $500.

 The commission adopted updated Forms CIS and CIQ as required by H.B. 23, 84th Leg.,  Regular Session, which became effective September 1, 2015. 

[Please note that the commission does NOT have jurisdiction to interpret or enforce Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code.]

Prior to H.B. 1491, the Office of the Attorney General issued the following advisory opinion and publication regarding Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code: Opinion No. GA-0446 and 2010 Texas Conflicts of Interest Laws Made Easy.

Also, please note that these forms are NOT filed with the Texas Ethics Commission. Both the Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statements are filed with the City Secretary's Office and posted to the City's website for public viewing.

City Officials

If a Conflicts Disclosure Statement is filed with the City Secretary, it can be seen by clicking on the name of the official.


CIQ 03-2016 Instructions Form updated July

List of Vendor Questionnaires on File

Completed conflict of interest questionnaires submitted by vendors (pdf) - 7/16/07 and prior



101 Elm Street LLC(PDF, 118KB)
3C Mechanical Technologies, Inc. 3 M(PDF, 92KB)
3rd Tech, Inc.(PDF, 41KB)
35-06, LLC(PDF, 112KB)
4 Imprint(PDF, 103KB)
4P Entertainment Group, Inc.(PDF, 234KB)
924 Austin LLC(PDF, 611KB)
AAMB1375, LLC(PDF, 132KB)
A&G Irrigation and Backflow LLC(PDF, 98KB)
Access Leasing(PDF, 634KB)
Ad-A-Staff, Inc.(PDF, 120KB)
Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children(PDF, 117KB)
A-L-L 152 IH 35-South New Road, L.P.(PDF, 128KB)
Allen Kuykendall(PDF, 74KB)
Alliance-Texas Engineering Co., DBA Alliance Transportation Group Inc(PDF, 251KB)
All-Tex Utilities LLC(PDF, 115KB)
AmaTerra Environmental(PDF, 77KB)
American Pavement Solutions(PDF, 102KB)
Andale Construction, Inc.(PDF, 107KB)
Animal Birth Control Clinic(PDF, 99KB)
Animal Hospital of Waco(PDF, 63KB)
Archer Western Construction, LLC(PDF, 63KB)
ArchiveSocial(PDF, 67KB)
AS&G Claims Administration, Inc.(PDF, 184KB)
Ashley Shumaker(PDF, 461KB)
Axon Enterprise, Inc.(PDF, 95KB)


Baer Engineering and Environmental Consulting, Inc.(PDF, 83KB)
Barreras Nursery & Landscape(PDF, 58KB)
Barsh Company(PDF, 233KB)
Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance(PDF, 103KB)
Baylor University(PDF, 59KB)
Behrens Loft Partners, LLC(PDF, 121KB)
BH Media Group Holdings, Inc., Inc., dba Waco Tribune Herald(PDF, 120KB)
Big Creek Construction, Ltd.(PDF, 239KB)
Birju Patel on behalf of Krishna Lone Star, LLC(PDF, 86KB)
Blancett, Dale(PDF, 111KB)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas(PDF, 136KB)
Brazos Environmental & Engineering Services, Inc.(PDF, 248KB)
BRC Stones Throw LLC(PDF, 254KB)
BRCT LLC dba Blackrock Construction(PDF, 251KB)
Brenntag Southwest Inc.(PDF, 432KB)
Bright Horizons CCC(PDF, 40KB)
Brook Oaks Neighborhood Association(PDF, 189KB)
BSP Engineers, Inc.(PDF, 103KB)
Burgess & Niple, Inc.(PDF, 231KB)
Buskohl, Jacob Carl(PDF, 76KB)


CaCo Architecture, LLC(PDF, 64KB)
Caldwell Country Chevrolet(PDF, 95KB)
Cameron Park Zoological & Botanical Society, Inc.(PDF, 255KB)
Cameron Park Zoological & Botanical Society, Inc.(PDF, 159KB)
Camo Farms, Inc.(PDF, 98KB)
Capstone Mechanical(PDF, 56KB)
Catalyst Urban Waco Development I, LLC(PDF, 154KB)
Cavender's Boot City(PDF, 108KB)
CDM Smith, Inc.(PDF, 467KB)
CDM Smith Inc.(PDF, 103KB)
Cedar Ridge Neighborhood Association(PDF, 183KB)
Cenikor Foundation(PDF, 122KB)
Cen-Tex African American Chamber of Commerce(PDF, 242KB)
Cen-Tex African American Chamber of Commerce(PDF, 428KB)
Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce(PDF, 233KB)
Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce(PDF, 118KB)
Centex Carpet & Interiors(PDF, 463KB)
Central Texas Senior Ministry(PDF, 250KB)
Central Texas Senior Ministry(PDF, 95KB)
Centrica Business Solutions(PDF, 96KB)
Charlesworth Consulting, LLC(PDF, 105KB)
City Center Waco(PDF, 479KB)
Claire McFerran(PDF, 246KB)
Commodores New(PDF, 105KB)
Control Panels USA(PDF, 223KB)
Control Panels USA(PDF, 140KB)
Covergeone, Inc.(PDF, 81KB)
CP&Y, Inc.(PDF, 100KB)
CP&Y Engineer(PDF, 93KB)
CP&Y, Inc.(PDF, 107KB)
Creative Waco(PDF, 196KB)
Creative Waco(PDF, 89KB)
CSA Construction, Inc.(PDF, 102KB)
CSP Utilities LLC(PDF, 121KB)
Cummins Southern Plains LLC(PDF, 441KB)
CWA Construction Inc.(PDF, 99KB)
Czech Brewing(PDF, 67KB)


Dale Blancett(PDF, 121KB)
Dametrius McDonald(PDF, 66KB)
Danita Bembert(PDF, 61KB)
Darrel Rector DLR Lawn Service(PDF, 78KB)
David Marguiles & Associates(PDF, 228KB)
Dean Highland Neighborhood Association(PDF, 75KB)
Detrick Mason - Mason & Son's Lawn Care(PDF, 101KB)
DLBLR Concessions and Catering, Inc.(PDF, 71KB)
Dimora Homes, LLC(PDF, 261KB)
Doug Baum dba Texas Camel Corps(PDF, 246KB)
Dr Pepper Museum & FEI (PDF, 109KB)
Dr. Pepper Snapple Waco(PDF, 135KB)
Druce Reiley & Associates(PDF, 73KB)


Economic Opportunities Advancement Corporation(PDF, 100KB)
Elk Engineering Association(PDF, 85KB)
Empire Seed Co., Inc.(PDF, 114KB)
Envocore RTS Water Solutions, LLC(PDF, 248KB)
Ernie Navara(PDF, 90KB)


Family Abuse Center(PDF, 124KB)
FiberLight LLC(PDF, 694KB)
Five Star Staffing Services, LLC dba Spherion Staffing, LLC(PDF, 112KB)
Freese and Nichols, Inc. (PDF, 348KB)
Freese and Nichols, Inc.(PDF, 72KB)
Freese and Nichols, Inc.(PDF, 110KB)
Fugro USA Land, Inc.(PDF, 112KB)
Fun Time Entertainment Group, Inc.(PDF, 218KB)


G2O Technologies(PDF, 73KB)
Garrett Demolition(PDF, 123KB)
Gibson & Associates, Inc.(PDF, 93KB)
Goodwill Contract Services, Inc.(PDF, 133KB)
Govqa, LLC with City of Waco, Tx(PDF, 55KB)
Grass Community Development(PDF, 110KB)
Grassroots Community Development dba Waco Community Development Corporation(PDF, 101KB)
Grayson, Nancy - Cottages on Elm LLC(PDF, 120KB)
Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce(PDF, 249KB)
Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce(PDF, 464KB)
Greater Waco Collective Impact Initiative(PDF, 237KB)
Greater Waco Sports Commission(PDF, 119KB)
Greater Waco Sports Commission(PDF, 128KB)
Grounds Guys of Greater Waco(PDF, 61KB)


Halff Associates, Inc.(PDF, 104KB)
Hance Scarborough, LLC(PDF, 110KB)
Harvey-Daco, Inc.(PDF, 119KB)
Haster, Walter D.(PDF, 77KB)
Haug, Johnathan(PDF, 136KB)
Hawes Hill & Associates LLP(PDF, 128KB)
HCS, Inc.HCS Inc Commercial General Contractor(PDF, 93KB)
HDR Engineering, Inc.(PDF, 119KB)
Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network(PDF, 227KB)
Heart of Texas Community Health Center(PDF, 235KB)
Heart of Texas Region MHMR Center(PDF, 105KB)
Hendrix Consulting Engineers, P.C.(PDF, 100KB)
Hesselbein Southwest Inc(PDF, 240KB)
Hicks-Ray Associates(PDF, 91KB)
Hiltop Securities Asset Management, LLC(PDF, 96KB)
Hogg Aggregate Services(PDF, 131KB)
Holmes Murphy & Associates, Inc.(PDF, 445KB)
HOT Fair & Rodeo(PDF, 90KB)
Houghton, Tyler(PDF, 77KB)
Hydromax USA(PDF, 450KB)


i Mow Texas(PDF, 680KB)
Inspiracion, Inc.(PDF, 107KB)
Inspiracion(PDF, 208KB)
Instituform Technologies, LLC(PDF, 252KB)


JBT Aero Tech Corporation(PDF, 66KB)
J&K Utility Services LLC(PDF, 94KB)
Jack of All Trades Personnel Services, Inc.(PDF, 102KB)
Jacobe Brothers Construction (PDF, 460KB)
Jacobs-Cathey(PDF, 93KB)
Jaime Davis, Davis Lawn Care(PDF, 117KB)
James L. Bonewitz(PDF, 116KB)
JBI, LTD dba Justice Benefits, Inc.(PDF, 122KB)
JNB Construction(PDF, 106KB)
Jonathan Tyler Music, LLC(PDF, 59KB)


Kasberg, Patrick & Associates, LP(PDF, 235KB)
KB Hotels LLC(PDF, 116KB)
Keen Independent Research LLC(PDF, 272KB)
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.(PDF, 231KB)
Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc.(PDF, 474KB)
Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc.(PDF, 47KB)
Knife River Corp - South(PDF, 117KB)
Knife River Corporation - South(PDF, 113KB)
KPA Engineers(PDF, 90KB)



L & G Sound, LLC(PDF, 245KB)
Landmark Services I, L.P.(PDF, 100KB)
Langerman Foster Engineering(PDF, 130KB)
Langerman Foster Engineering Co. LLC(PDF, 99KB)
Langerman Foster Engineering(PDF, 47KB)
Lewis Land Management, LLC(PDF, 55KB)
LexisNexis(PDF, 463KB)
LINK Staffing Services(PDF, 100KB)
Links Construction, LLC(PDF, 106KB)
Living Word Christian Academy & Daycare, Inc.(PDF, 42KB)
Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc.(PDF, 90KB)
Louis Sims(PDF, 102KB)


MHB Construction, Inc.(PDF, 449KB)
MRB Group(PDF, 97KB)
Magnolia RE LLC(PDF, 100KB)
Maldonado-Burkett, LLP(PDF, 108KB)
Maldonado-Burkett Intelligent Transportation Systems, LLP(PDF, 42KB)
Malinak, Frank(PDF, 59KB)
Manuel Enriquez(PDF, 106KB)
Manpower Inc.(PDF, 120KB)
Margulies Communications Group(PDF, 57KB)
Martinez Architects, LP(PDF, 104KB)
Mazanec Construction Co., Inc.(PDF, 110KB)
McLennan Community Investment Fund(PDF, 225KB)
McCreary & Associates, Inc.(PDF, 237KB)
McFerran Computer Service(PDF, 467KB)
McFerran Computer Service(PDF, 110KB)
McCreary & Associates, Inc.(PDF, 50KB)
McCreary, Veselka, Bragg & Allen, P.C.(PDF, 37KB)
McKool Smith, P.C(PDF, 92KB)
McMillen LLC dba McMillen Jacobs Associates(PDF, 102KB)
McNamara Custom Services, Inc.(PDF, 50KB)
Melissa Paris - J&M Lawns(PDF, 108KB)
MGT of America Consulting, LLC(PDF, 119KB)
Michael White - Pullup(PDF, 111KB)
Midtown Personnel, Inc. dba The Midtown Group(PDF, 77KB)
Miller Pro Audio, LLC(PDF, 112KB)
Missouri Petroleum Products Company, LLC(PDF, 108KB)
Mocuta, Mark(PDF, 112KB)
Motorola Solutions, Inc.(PDF, 105KB)
Mountainview Neighborhood Association(PDF, 499KB)
MRB Group, Inc.(PDF, 97KB)




Navarro Lawn Service(PDF, 80KB)
Neighborhood Housing Services of Waco, Inc.(PDF, 671KB)
Nemmer Electric, Inc.(PDF, 102KB)
NewGen Strategies and Solutions, LLC(PDF, 433KB)
Northgate Waco, LLC(PDF, 253KB)
Northridge Construction Group LLC(PDF, 113KB)


O.G. Morrison(PDF, 109KB)
Omnia Partners
Outley, Will(PDF, 113KB)


P.I.E Management L.L.C.(PDF, 122KB)
Pacheco Koch, LLC(PDF, 173KB)
PaleoWest, LLC(PDF, 102KB)
Pardalis Industrial Enterprises, Inc.(PDF, 115KB)
Placer Labs, Inc(PDF, 92KB)
Polyglass USA, Inc.(PDF, 49KB)
PPW Waco LLC(PDF, 103KB)
Pride of Texas Shows(PDF, 247KB)
Public Sector Personnel Consultants, Inc.(PDF, 122KB)
Pura Vida Paddle(PDF, 47KB)
PureWorks, Inc. dba UL EHS Sustainability(PDF, 113KB)
PURVIS Systems Incorporated(PDF, 98KB)
Pyro Shows of Texas, Inc.(PDF, 238KB) Pyrotecnico Fireworks, Inc.(PDF, 47KB)


Quality Contractors(PDF, 51KB)


Rapoport Academy(PDF, 124KB)
Ray Woodard(PDF, 84KB)
Raymond L. Goodson Jr., Inc.(PDF, 65KB)
Refresco Beverages(PDF, 102KB)
Reimer Pump Sales and Service(PDF, 74KB)
Reliance Architecture LLC(PDF, 104KB)
Reyna, Kevin(PDF, 106KB)
Rhett Clark(PDF, 141KB)
RJN, Inc(PDF, 95KB)
Rogelio Enriquez(PDF, 47KB)
Routeware Inc(PDF, 81KB)
Routeware Inc dba ReCollect Systems Inc(PDF, 96KB)
RSWB Partners LLC(PDF, 52KB)


Sanger Heights Neighborhood Association(PDF, 95KB)
SCS Engineers(PDF, 97KB)
SCS Engineers(PDF, 57KB)
Smith Inland Environmental Services, Inc(PDF, 57KB)
Space Between Design Studio, LLC.(PDF, 118KB)
Specialty Property, Ltd.(PDF, 87KB)
Star Air, Inc.(PDF, 261KB)
Stephen Romero Dan's Lawn Care(PDF, 111KB)
Stolz Mechanical Contractors, LLC(PDF, 100KB)
Stone, Mike(PDF, 106KB)
Strange Pleasure Touring(PDF, 73KB)
Suasa, Marci(PDF, 62KB)


Takishaw Alexander Sanders All Around Solutions LLC(PDF, 115KB)
Talitha Koum Institute(PDF, 121KB)
Teague Nall & Perkins, Inc.(PDF, 95KB)
Tejas Destructors LLC(PDF, 128KB)
Teletask(PDF, 70KB)
Terracon Consultants, Inc.(PDF, 249KB)
Terracon Consultants, Inc.(PDF, 129KB)
Terry's Lawn Care(PDF, 113KB)
Texas Materials Group, Inc.(PDF, 97KB)
Texas Premier Staffing Source, Inc.(PDF, 70KB)
Texas Ramp Project(PDF, 124KB)
The Brandt Companies, LLC(PDF, 112KB)
The Law Office of Michael Morrison, PLLC(PDF, 122KB)
The Salvation Army, A Georgia Corporation(PDF, 70KB)
Three Box, Inc.(PDF, 56KB)
ThyssenKrupp Elevator TK Elevator Corporation(PDF, 48KB)
Tom Jackson Jr. TNT(PDF, 106KB)
Torre Design Consortium, Ltd.(PDF, 46KB)
Total Placement Staffing(PDF, 258KB)
Tracker Utility Services(PDF, 97KB)
Triple C Enterprise(PDF, 50KB)
True North Consulting Group, LLC(PDF, 91KB)
Trusco Inc. dba Russell Glass Company(PDF, 117KB)
TTG Utilities, Inc(PDF, 99KB)
TVA Development(PDF, 151KB)



Vermont Systems, Inc.(PDF, 249KB)
Viking Construction, Inc.(PDF, 643KB)
Villa, Christian(PDF, 106KB)
Virgin Pulse, Inc.(PDF, 95KB)


Waco Community Band(PDF, 90KB)
Waco Community Development(PDF, 123KB)
Waco Construction LLC(PDF, 246KB)
Waco Family Medicine - Foundation(PDF, 92KB)
Waco Grounds Keeper(PDF, 113KB)
Waco Habitat for Humanity, Inc.(PDF, 609KB)
Waco Paving, Inc.(PDF, 90KB)
Walker Partners, LLC(PDF, 107KB)
Walker Partners, LLC(PDF, 86KB)
Walker Partners(PDF, 48KB)
Walker Partners(PDF, 486KB)
Wallace Controls & Electric, Inc.(PDF, 44KB)
Washington Partners, Ltd.(PDF, 114KB)
Western Municipal Construction of Texas LLC(PDF, 109KB)
Will Outley(PDF, 89KB)
Winton Engineering, Inc(PDF, 110KB)
Wright, Gary(PDF, 106KB)
Wright's Green & Clean Services(PDF, 103KB)




Zinkpower-Waco, LLC(PDF, 117KB)