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Lions Park - Revitalization

The City of Waco, Lions Park Trust Board, and many community partners, are pleased to announce the revitalization of Waco’s beloved treasure, Kiddieland! This project will be included in a much larger planning project to include the entire Lions’ Park at 1716 N 42nd St in Waco.

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History & Info

Kiddieland CarouselLions Park was established in 1952 by the Waco Lions as a unique and widely popular place for children. Volunteers and other community organizations like the Junior League of Waco have donated hundreds of hours and numerous resources to contribute to this local institution.

Lions Park has entertained generations of local families and visitors to Waco and is a must-do stop for any child, or children at heart. For many years the park offered a variety of rides, attractions, and activities for children, as well as facilities to host special events. Party Patios, Party Rooms and even our Lions Den were available to host a variety of events for the community.

Inspiration for Revitalization

Kiddieland CarouselThe inspiration and guidance for a revamped Lions Park stems from a community survey conducted two years ago. In 2018, Waco Foundation convened a group of partners interested in the park, and ultimately commissioned a survey that received more than 2,000 responses from Wacoans. The results of the survey were overwhelmingly positive when asked about its value to the community.

In addition to the park's value, many folks indicated a desire to support the park by donating time, money and input.


Future Plans

The immediate future of Lions Park include continued meetings of community partners, site plans, and community fundraising.  All plans will be designed to preserve the Waco Lions’ intent and the final project will remain affordable and relevant for Waco families. While the park will temporarily close to undergo a strategic planning and rebuilding process, the City of Waco anticipates committing $2 million to ensure the brightest future for Lions Park.

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