Greenwood Cemetery


Virtual Ribbon Cutting

The City of Waco held a Virtual Ribbon Cutting on September 15, 2020 to mark the completion of the renovation of Greenwood Cemetery, which now has beautiful arched entrances and an iron fence that encloses the all-in-one combined burial ground for all who rest there

Watch a replay of the ceremony by clicking here.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, participants met individually to record their part of the ceremony.

Ceremony participants included Jonathan Cook, Waco Parks and Recreation Director, Waco City Manager Bradley Ford, Waco Mayor Kyle Deaver, Mayor Pro Tem and District One Council Representative Andrea Barefield, and former Waco City Council District One Representative Noah Jackson.

Location & Hours

Address: 500 S. Price Street, Waco, TX 76704
Hours: 8 a.m. to Sunset

Steeped in Waco History

As Waco’s second oldest cemetery, serving local families since at least 1875, Greenwood Cemetery is steeped in Waco history. It is often cited as the final resting place of several notable figures of national prominence, such as:

But for Wacoans, it is more tenderly known as a place of remembrance alive in the hearts of many families to this day.

Renovation & Preservation

In August 2020, the City of Waco concluded its multi-year effort to better facilitate the preservation of this important heritage site. The $435,000 Greenwood Cemetery Improvement Project was completed in close coordination with the Texas Historical Commission (Permit #8358) through a series of phases that navigated archaeology and survey, engineering and permitting, removal of internal fencing and subsequent construction to provide a unified perimeter with ornamental entrances, arches, and fencing.

Additional property was secured to ensure the new construction could be completed without disruption to existing burials or public visitation. 

The project was supported by a generous $25,000 contribution from the former cemetery association, as well as land transaction support among entities such as the Texas Department of Transportation, People’s Cemetery Association, McLennan County, and Methodist Children’s Home to place the entire cemetery and its boundaries within the City of Waco’s care.

General Information


Due to its age, complex ownership history, and lack of complete records, Greenwood Cemetery is closed to further burials, unless proper ownership documentation is submitted for review and approval through the City Secretary’s Office (254-750-5750).

Burial Location Inquiries

Burial location inquiries can be directed to the Genealogy Center of Waco-McLennan County Library (254-750-5945).

Family Plot Maintenance and Improvements

Family plot maintenance and improvements can be authorized through the City of Waco Parks and Recreation Dept., by the Parks Superintendent (254-750-8080). Some limitations apply, and ground disturbance may not exceed 6”, without Texas Historical Commission permit.

Management of Activities and Public Events

As defined by the City of Waco Historic Cemeteries Maintenance & Management Plan:

  • Public placement of flowers and other memorial objects shall be allowed to remain in place for at least 7 days, and not greater than one month, after which they will be removed from the cemetery through the course of regular maintenance.
  • Public placement of flags or memorial objects honoring numerous burials, such as those of veterans, shall obtain prior approval by contacting the City of Waco Parks and Recreation Department or its representative to ensure provisions are in place for the re-collection of the flags or objects within 7 days.
  • Public placement of permanent markers or objects shall require pre-approval through the City of Waco Parks and Recreation Department or its representative, to assure public safety and ensure compliance with applicable rules and restrictions.
  • Public gatherings other than funeral services shall require an activity permit submitted through the City of Waco Parks and Recreation Department.

A copy of the full plan can be viewed by clicking this link


Please feel free to contact the City of Waco Parks and Recreation Department with any questions or concerns: 254-750-5980.