Greenwood Cemetery

The City of Waco has undertaken, on behalf of the public, efforts to better care for Waco’s second oldest cemetery; Greenwood Cemetery which dates back to at least 1875.  This cemetery is especially rich in Waco history, containing not only loved ones representing many local families, but also numerous notable figures of prominence and fame. 

Consolidated care is not without its challenges, due to a complex patchwork of land ownership, a marked history of segregation, and no known archival burial records.

Therefore, the City of Waco (per Resolution 2018-435) is advancing the process of establishing the entirety of Greenwood Cemetery under consolidated possession and care on behalf of the public.  This process, as defined by the Texas Health and Safety Code (section 713.009), supports the ongoing maintenance and care of the entire cemetery area, as well as the creation of a unified fenced perimeter to better protect the burial area and markers of this historic cemetery.