Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery

The City of Waco has undertaken, on behalf of the public, efforts to better care for Waco’s second oldest cemetery; Greenwood Cemetery which dates back to at least 1875.  This cemetery is especially rich in Waco history, containing not only loved ones representing many local families, but also numerous notable figures of prominence and fame.

Consolidated care is not without its challenges, due to a complex patchwork of land ownership, a marked history of segregation, and no known archival burial records. Therefore, the City of Waco is advancing to construction of the planned improvements at Greenwood Cemetery. In the coming weeks, construction will begin on work for an ornamental, unified perimeter fence with formal entry features. This work is expected to be complete in summer 2020 and is being coordinated under Texas Historical Commission Permit #8358. 

Please note that the new fence is being constructed just outside the established cemetery to ensure no burial plots are affected. Public access to the cemetery will remain open throughout construction to ensure visitation remains possible.

In recognition of this important history and heritage, these perimeter improvements will assist the City in its efforts to provide improved consolidated care. Additionally, to resolve the complex patchwork of prior land ownership, the City of Waco is following a process defined by the Texas Health and Safety Code (section 713.009) to possess, protect, and care for the entire cemetery on behalf of the public. This “Declaration of Intent” process was initiated on February 18, 2020 by Council Resolution 2020-121.  Formal notices of this process have also been made in the Waco-Tribune Herald and on the City of Waco website, and are expected to be concluded by formal Council Resolution on March 17, 2020.

Together these steps will assure historic Greenwood Cemetery remains a reverent resting place that honors the memory of so many who have shaped our hearts and our community.

Throughout the course of the project, please feel free to contact the City of Waco Parks and Recreation Department with any questions or concerns: 254-750-8080.