Faith Leaders of Waco

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The City of Waco recognizes the role our faith community plays in serving the people and communities who bring our City to life. The City is dedicated to fostering a collaborative relationship with our faith leaders through two key initiatives — the Mayor’s Annual Faith Leaders Conference and quarterly Lunch & Learn gatherings. 

Through these initiatives our goal is to bring together faith leaders from across Waco to provide city information, explore potential partnerships, and connect with other faith leaders.

Quarterly Lunch & Learn

The City of Waco invites faith leaders to free quarterly Lunch & Learn gatherings that provide a platform for faith leaders to gain valuable knowledge about the City’s initiatives, resources, and programs, all while fostering collaboration with fellow faith leaders.

Up to two members of each congregation/organization are welcome to attend each meeting. Space will be limited, so register early to secure your spot. To further strengthen the bonds within our community, the Lunch & Learn gatherings will be held at different local congregations or organizations to showcase diverse houses of worship in Waco.

If your organization would like to offer your facility for an upcoming Lunch & Learn, email We welcome your participation in making these gatherings a success.

Stay tuned for information about the next Lunch & Learn event.

Annual Conference

We have faith in our people, and we believe that communities of faith do a phenomenal job already. However, by working together and being better informed, religious organizations can have an even greater impact on our City.

The City of Waco convenes the annual Faith Leaders Conference to bring together religious organizations from across Waco to connect, share resources, and collaborate on making Waco a better place for everyone. Past conferences have tackled critical issues like affordable housing, early childhood education, food insecurity, equity, and more. Through discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities, faith leaders gain valuable knowledge and build relationships that empower them to serve their communities more effectively.

Stay tuned for information about the next Faith Leaders Conference.