Plumbing Permit Fee Schedule

Service Fee
Minimum Permit Fee: $40
Technology fee $10
For each plumbing fixture, trap, grease and sand trap, water heater, and gas fired appliance $8
For each house sewer, water service and gas service (yard lines installation or repair). $10
For each sump pump, grinder pump or lift station $10
For the first vacuum breaker or backflow protective device installed subsequent to the installation of a lawn sprinkler system $40
Each additional backflow device $10
Per trip fee for irrigation system inspections in the ETJ $60
Roof drain system permit $40
Discharge line & roof drain fee $10
Issuing fee if roof drain permit is separate from plumbing permit $40
Re-Inspection Fee
(This fee will be charged after the 2nd failed inspection and after each subsequent failed inspection.)
Appeals to the Building Inspections Advisory & Appeals Board $100
3rd Party Commercial Plumbing Inspection $125
3rd Party Multi-Family/Townhouse Electrical Inspection $77
3rd Party Residential Plumbing Inspection $77