Community Development Block Grant

What is the Community Development Block Grant Program?

  • The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) is an entitlement grant which the City of Waco receives every year from the Department of Housing and Urban Development with the Federal Government.
  • The grant is specifically to help low to moderate income people, to directly eliminate slum and blight conditions in low to moderate income areas, and to meet urgent needs when natural disasters occur.

Who Can Apply?

The following groups can apply for CDBG funds:

  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Local Development Corporations
  • For Profit Businesses
  • City Departments

Some Eligible Activities:

Housing, Public Facilities & Improvements, Public Services, Economic Development

Past Projects Funded:

Some projects, which have been approved in the past, are:

  • Renovations to facilities in eligible areas
  • Youth Programs
  • Park Improvements
  • Street Reconstruction and Sidewalk Improvement
  • Street Lighting
  • Housing Rehabilitation
  • Code Enforcement

Equal Housing Opportunity