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Scan Lost Pets for Microchip at any Waco Fire Station

We feel that our fire stations are our second home and a vital part of our local neighborhoods. Locate your nearest fire station, and take the animal by to see if the chip is found and registered to an owner (have patience if we're not at the station, calls for emergency service do come first). Firefighters will provide instructions on next steps.

We have some good samaritans out there, Waco! This is another helpful option to find animals' owners or have them safely surrendered to the Animal Shelter at 2032 Circle Road in Waco.

Reminder: Waco residents can qualify for free microchips. Call (254) 750-7099 for information.

*Forms received at the fire stations must be signed by Waco fire personnel. Animals cannot be kept at fire stations.

Fire Station locations

Waco Animal Shelter Information

Waco microchip information

Animal Care: (254) 750-1765 - Microchip information: (254) 750-7099

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