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New Solid Waste Ordinance requirements effective March 1, 2020!

Note new requirements for leaves and grass clippings:

  • If you prefer to use bags, you must please USE A PAPER LAWN BAG. Plastic bags sitting at the curb will not be collected. Paper lawn bags should be put at curbside during green weeks.

  • The maximum number of bags is 20 bags per week during green weeks only.

  • Waco's large home stores or grocery stores carry paper lawn and leaf bags. 

  • Use paper lawn bags for LEAVES, GRASS CLIPPINGS and YARD WASTE ONLY. Please no plastic bags or bottles, stones, metal or garbage.

  •  Other option is to use 1 or 2 green yard waste carts, available at no extra charge. Call (254) 299-2612 to learn more. 

Note new requirements for brush piles:

  • Residents are allowed one brush pile at curbside every other week with the green carts during green weeks.

  • One brush pile no larger than 4’x 4’x 4’ will be picked up on green weeks.

  • Please no limbs larger than 3” in diameter.

  • Up to 20 yard waste bags (paper) can also be placed at the curb with your brush pile if needed. (Paper only, please.)

  • Please do not place your brush over your water meter on in the street.

  • Brush at curbside should only include brush generated by residents at that address.

  • Larger lims and larger piles will be collected druing City Council District clean-up events, scheduled annually.  

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Contact Us

Solid Waste Administrative Offices: 501 Schroeder Drive
Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed holidays and weekends)

Customer Service (254) 299-2612
Residential Services: (254) 299-2612
Commercial Services & Sales: (254) 299-2612
Landfill: (254) 299-2620
To Report Illegal Dumping: (254) 299-2611
All other inquiries: (254) 299-2612
Para informacion en Espanol: (254) 299-2612

Landfill Future Planning

The City of Waco has concluded that it needs to begin the process of building a new landfill due to the current landfill’s capacity having only about seven years of life remaining. Read on for details...

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About Us

Waco Solid Waste Services provides environmentally sound and cost effective waste management services in the form of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional garbage collection and disposal that are essential for our clean and healthy community.  These services are provided to approximately 40,000 residential and 4,600 commercial customers.

A city-owned and operated 237-acre landfill is managed for the end disposal of wastes originating in Waco and surrounding region. Waco Solid Waste Services is a self-supporting entity that is not funded by city tax dollars. Funds for the department come from solid waste service fees paid by customers.