Looking for a Lost Pet - OR - Found a Pet?

For Lost Pets

  • It is very important to visit the Animal Shelter in person.
  • The map below is updated hourly by Animal Care Officers in the field. If you see your animal on this map, call the Animal Shelter at (254) 750-7091, or Animal Care at (254) 750-1765, with the animal ID number of your pet (ie, A076543) with the location and description of your pet and/or visit the shelter as soon as possible to start the reclaim process.
  • Animal Care Officers will make attempts to return microchipped animals to you. Please make sure your microchip information is correct and stays updated.

Note: If your animal is current on rabies vaccinations (and it's a first offense with Waco Animal Control), microchipped and spayed/neutered, your animal will be returned to you at no charge within the 24-hour hold period, even if taken to the shelter.
(Please bring proof of rabies vaccination to the shelter when you reclaim your animal.)

Note: The Animal Shelter officially opens at 11 a.m. (2032 Circle Road in Waco)

Found a Pet?

If you cannot locate its owners in the area it was found, please call Animal Care (Control's) main number at (254) 750-1765, leave a message if needed.

Scan for Microchip

When available, an officer will come check for a microchip. If animal is chipped, the officer will make arrangements to return the animal to its owner. If there is no chip, the officer will take the animal to the shelter unless other arrangements can be made to find the owner. Places that can scan for microchips include: the Waco Animal Shelter, most vet clinics, Fuzzy Friends Rescue, Cribs for Canines and Central Texas Lost and Found Pets.

Note: Posting lost pets to social media with well-taken photos is extremely helpful in locating owners. Centex LostPets is a great place to start.

Check below for your pet!

--- Dogs currently in the shelter, including 72 hour-hold ---

--- Cats currently in the shelter, including 72 hour-hold ---

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Don't see your animal?

  • Animals are brought in by Animal Care Officers 24 hours a day from all over the Central Texas area.
  • Lost PetsYou should check the Animal Shelter (2032 Circle Road) at minimum every day.
  • You can also check the animal inventory on the Humane Society of Central Texas' website.
  • Go to the Intake Building (follow signs or visit with a staff member. A staff member will escort you through the building to see if your pet has arrived.)
  • If you do not see your animal in Intake, walk the adoption kennel wings: Young, Duncan & Rapoport.
  • Notify a staff member immediately if you see your animal so the kennel can be properly tagged with your information.
  • Staff members will give you instructions to follow to reclaim your pet.

Still can't find your pet?

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