Microchips are required for pets in the City of Waco. Free options are available for Waco residents by calling (254) 750-7099.

If you find a lost/stray animal in your area, you can have them scanned for a microchip at any Waco Fire Station (see locations). Instructions for next steps will be given to you there.

Microchip Guide (Brand/Format/Contact)

Datamars, PetLink: 981xxxxxxxxxxxx, 1-877-738-5465
HomeAgain: 985xxxxxxxxxxx or FDX-Axxxxxxxxxx, 1-888-466-3242
AVID: xxx*xxx*xxx or xxxxxxxxxx or 977xxxxxxxxxx, 1800-336-2843
24PetWatch: 982xxxxxxxxxxxxx, 1-866-597-2424
AKC/CAR: 956xxxxxxxxxxxxx or 00xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, 1-800-252-7894
Banfield: 98101000xxxxxxxxxxx or 0D0Dxxxxxxxxx, 1-877-567-8738


Any animals picked up by an Animal Care Officer are transported to the Animal Shelter at 2032 Circle Road in Waco and placed on a 72 hour stray animal hold*. Animals reclaimed within that time period are FREE to reclaim.

Citations may also be issued for various Class “C” misdemeanor infractions of the animal ordinances. These fines are set by Municipal Court.

Microchipping Options

(Subject to change. Please call first.)

  • When a pet gets a new owner, it is the previous owner’s responsibility to make sure that new owner updates the pet’s microchip owner contact information. This can be done by contacting the microchip company (i.e., HomeAgain, 24PetWatch, Avid, ResQ, etc).
  • Residents may have their pet microchipped at their pet’s full-service veterinarian.
  • Low-cost microchip providers in McLennan County: Humane Society of Central Texas ($20) and Animal Birth Control Clinic ($25).