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SpayStreet Waco (FREE spay/neuter surgery options for Waco residents)

Lost Pets or Found Animals (check our map and visit the shelter)

Alternatives to Surrendering Your Pet

Animal Adoption (Humane Society of Central Texas - HSCT)

Don't forget, to leash your pet! It's the law in Waco.

About the Animal Care Unit

The City of Waco Animal Care Unit provides service by active enforcement of state and local laws, the humane sheltering and disposal of stray, dangerous, and unwanted animals, the promotion of responsible pet ownership and animal welfare, and to strive toward the ultimate goal of the elimination of the need to euthanize healthy or unwanted animals.

They work closely with the Animal Shelter staff to ensure animal safety.
Animal Care Officers work 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
They are on-call for emergencies after normal business hours.

Animal Care Officers

Contact Information & Location

Animal Care Officers, Animal Shelter staff, and the Humane Society of Central Texas share a campus at:

2032 Circle Road in Waco

(254) 750-1765 Animal Care (Control) Main Office

(254) 752-SPAY ( 7729 ) Spay/Neuter Information

*leave voicemail if needed, se habla espanol

(254) 754-1454 Humane Society of Central Texas

Shelter & Staff Contact Numbers

Calls for Animal Care Services May Include