Water Conservation

Utility Profile & Water Conservation Plan(PDF, 7MB)

Effective: July 1, 2024

Water Sprinkler Waco's Year-Round Conservation Plan

As we plan for our future water needs and the impact our water use has to Lake Waco, our City Council has lead the way in protecting our residents.

Embracing water conservation is the best way to ensure we have enough water for our region, because in Texas the next drought could be right around the corner.

Waco residents' watering days by address 3-days per week (business and residential):

  • Odd numbered addresses water Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Even numbered addresses water Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
  • No outdoor watering on Fridays
  • No outdoor watering between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  • Report violations with the MyWaco app

Other requirements:

FAQs: Outdoor Watering Rules

Water Conservation Tips:

When does your grass need water?

  1. Step on it: If it springs back after you step on it, it doesn't need water.
  2. Leave it longer: longer grass reduces evaporation and the roots grow stronger, leaving less room for weeds.
  3. Take a break: if rain is forecasted, give your sprinklers a break and save money.


Fix leaks around your house

  • Check faucets, shower heads and around to yard to spot leaks.
  • Even a small leak wastes more water than you think! A leak of one drop per second could waste more than 3,000 gallons per year--enough to take almost 200 showers!

Choose plants that need less water

Make great planting decisions to save water in the future! Get expert help from Texas Superstar Plants

Plant experts from Texas A&M Agrilife, Texas Tech University, county Agrilife Extension horticulturists, the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association and their member plant producers, and the Texas Department of Agriculture all cooperate in evaluating the adaptability of potential Texas Superstars®.


Keep your sprinklers effective

  • The average house uses more water outside than showering and laundry combined!
  • Be sure your sprinkler heads are pointing at the grass and not causing excessive runoff.

Use a broom to clean paved surfaces

  • When it's time to clean your sidewalks and driveway, grab a broom. Don't use a hose on pavement and save it for your plants.

Use mulch around your trees and bushes

  • Surround trees with mulch to keep your soil cooler and reduce evaporation. You can also control weeds, enrich the soil and prevent erosion.
  • It'll decompose over time, but you can add more to get all the benefits.

Only run full dishwashers and washing machines

  • Appliances use a lot of water with each cycle, even on small load settings.
  • Wait until you have a full load of dishes or clothes to run the machine and get the most bang for your buck.

Don't water if it's rainy or windy

  • Use rain sensors on automatic sprinklers or just keep an eye on the forecast to see if you can skip a watering day.
  • On windy days, consider waiting to water, since wind can blow your irrigation off course.