2022 Annual Report


A message from Mayor Meek

Annual Report & Financial Review(PDF, 9MB)

2022 has been a year of growth, learning and listening. My fellow councilmembers and I staunchly believe that the residents of Waco are the heart of our progress. The people that call Waco home – from the generational families to new Wacoans – are committed, resilient, and rooted in timeless values. Waco’s long-sustained culture of neighbors-helping-neighbors has truly been the foundation of our community, and so, we hope as your neighbors, we can continue to support one another as we move forward into another year of progress.

There is no other city in the country that is more set up to find success than Waco. Not only because of our geographic location or the strong Texas economy, but because of its people and staff. While our goal is always to provide great service, we know our path to great is with good, but imperfect, people doing the best they can to make Waco a better place. We are fortunate that our city staff ’s best is truly exceptional. Thank you to our City Manager, Bradley Ford, along with the city management team and department directors for leading our staff with equity at the forefront.

City of Waco staff continue to impress and raise the bar as we launch new programs and strategically invest in our community. Our goal is to take care of what we have and work hard to plan for growth. As part of that, we invested $120 million in capital improvements toward infrastructure, which is the largest single-year investment in Waco. We also want to ensure our current residents have sustainable and long-term opportunities for a good quality life. Waco is currently experiencing record-breaking employment growth, the lowest percent of poverty rates, the highest median income rate, and the lowest tax rate.

In this report, you will see many more accomplishments that reflect our next-in-class achievements. On behalf of City Council, we thank the 1,700 employees that have delivered the programs and services to our residents.

Dillon Meek
Mayor, City of Waco