City Attorney’s Office

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The City Attorney’s Office provides legal assistance and advice to the Waco City Council, City Boards, Commissions, City Management and employees in a professional and timely manner.

The office represents or supervises the representation of the City of Waco in all legal matters. The office is responsible for the review and/or drafting of resolutions, ordinances, contracts, agreements, deeds and other legal documents in which the City has an interest. The office also prosecutes violations of City of Waco ordinances and Class C misdemeanors in the Waco Municipal Court.

Mission Statement
To provide the City of Waco, its officers and employees with professional and timely legal advice.


  • Kathleen F. Perdon, Deputy City Attorney
  • Kim Coogan, Senior Assistant City Attorney

Assistant City Attorneys

  • William Conrad
  • Lauren J. Olivarez
  • Breanne Daniels
  • Sarah Raley
  • Joshua Stephens