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Waco Fire Department is Hiring!

Interested in a career as a Waco Firefighter? We are hiring!
Take the Civil Service Exam on October 8th at 9 a.m., Waco Convention Center.

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About Us

Waco FireA true customer service organization, the Waco Fire Department responds to well over 9,000 calls and incidents per year. Calls include structure fires, vehicle fires, grass/brush fires, auto extrication, water rescues, medical emergencies, hazardous material situations and other emergencies.

Additionally, the department responds to non-emergency calls which include animal rescues, lockouts, water evacuation and many other service calls when the citizen cannot find help from other resources.

Mission Statement

To protect lives and property from fire, medical emergencies, environmental incidents and other emergencies and disasters through proactive fire prevention, code management and enforcement activities, life safety community education, emergency preparedness and emergency incident response.

Waco Fire Department strives to maintain a safe community and environment that encourages economic prosperity, community well being and desirable neighborhoods.

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