Mandatory Water Restrictions Lifted

Published on November 03, 2023

Announcement of Lifted Water Restrictions

Due to recent rains, Lake Waco has reached 100% capacity! Mandatory water restrictions, including the two-day per week watering schedule for Waco residents, have been lifted at this time. We sincerely appreciate the cooperation between City departments and our water customers as we worked through a regional drought this year. Your cooperation was invaluable!

A draft of the Integrated Water Resource Plan will be available early 2024. The plan will establish a foundation for water capacity planning for the next 100 years.

As we consider both the near and distant future, we can build on the lessons learned during this period of drought. Most importantly, proactive measures and conservation can prepare us for the next, inevitable drought conditions. The Water Utility Services Department is working on developing several large-scale projects to prepare for future water needs.

City staff will continue to monitor lake levels throughout the year. Remember, water conservation moving forward is always good practice in preserving our regional water source, Lake Waco. A hot Texas summer is always on the horizon, and being proactive helps us all!

Conservation Tips

  • Continue to set your irrigation systems (as needed) to two days of watering per week. Watering in the early mornings/late evenings maximizes water use and saves you money (especially on hot days).
  • Looking forward to springtime, consider drought-tolerant plants when adding to your lawns.
  • Always check for leaks around your home and use the MyWaco app or online at for help in reporting them.