Cameron Park Trail System & Rules

Man riding mountain bike on Cameron Park trails.

With approximately 26 miles of twisting trails, Cameron Park features an amazing, multi-use National Recreation Trail system.

Hikers and bikers meander along the River Trail, zigzag up 100-foot bluffs to overlook the rivers, or rip down trails like Root Canal. Cameron Park is home to numerous organized races, runs and outdoor activities. The trail system provides an endless adventure with wildlife and native vegetation.

Park hours are from 6 a.m. to midnight.

Trail System Map(PDF, 3MB)

Trail System via Google Maps

Park Rules

  • Park hours are from 6 a.m. to midnight.
  • Ride, hike and run on designated trails only.
  • Pedestrians and bicycles always yield to horseback riders. Bicycles yield to pedestrians. 
  • Horses are allowed only on trails designated for their use.
  • Motorized vehicles allowed only on roadways and parking areas.
  • Do not disturb, damage or remove wildlife, rocks, vegetation, roots and stumps.
  • Plan your route. It is recommended that you wear a helmet while biking.
  • Pets must be leashed. Please pick up after your pet.
  • Littering and dumping are prohibited. 
  • Do not climb on the cliffs or enter restricted areas beyond fencing or walls.
  • No throwing of rocks or other items from the top of cliffs.
  • The marking of trails is prohibited.
  • Trails may not be altered or cleared.
  • No open fires except in grills, fire pits or fireplaces.
  • Loudspeakers and amplified sound are prohibited.
  • No vending or sales of food, drinks or merchandise.
  • No digging or removal of buried items.
  • No overnight parking of vehicles.
  • The discharge of firearms, including paintball or air rifles, is prohibited.
  • No overnight camping.
  • Please report any issues or concerns to the Parks and Recreation office at (254) 750-5980.
  • For emergency service, call 911.


Cameron Park Workout Guide

Cameron Park offers many opportunities for people of all fitness levels to enjoy a good workout. If you're feeling adventurous, try one of the routes below.

River Stroll: Concrete Lighted Path

Enjoy this downtown Riverwalk loop!

Start at Redwood Shelter in Cameron Park. From the parking lot, cross the street and hop on the Riverwalk. The concrete path goes to the right and parallels the river all the way to downtown.

Once downtown, cross the Waco Suspension Bridge and head back to Cameron Park along the east side of the river. You will cross over Herring Street Bridge, which will put you back in the Redwood Shelter area.

Total Distance: 3.85-mile loop

River Stroll: Off-Road Trail

Start at Redwood Shelter. From the parking lot, cross the street over to the dirt trail. The trail goes to the left and parallels the river into the trail system.

Stay on the trail marked River Trail until you get to the McLennan Community College Marina. Then turn around for an out-and-back route. This scenic trail is perfect for a family hike.

Total Distance: 3.75 miles

Jacob's Ladder Power Punch

Start at the bottom of Jacob's Ladder. Run up the 88 steps to the Cameron Park Clubhouse. Turn right until you see the parking lot behind the Clubhouse. From this parking lot, take a right onto Sturgis Road.

You will see the entrance to the trail marked "Root Canal" approximately two-tenths of a mile on your right. Head down Root Canal until you intersect Cameron Park Drive. Take a right and head back to the bottom of Jacob's Ladder. Complete this eight times for the hardest 5K you've ever done!

Total Distance: .37 miles

Elevation Gain: 85 feet

Coach Cameron Leg Burn

Start at the Northern Gateway pavilion. From the parking lot cross Lovers Leap Road and head to the gravel lot surrounded by pipe fencing. Look for the wooden map kiosk, which is on the left. You will see the trail signs for "Hale Bopp" and "Highlander" just behind the kiosk.

Take the trail marked "Highlander" and follow it approximately 1 mile until you intersect with the trail marked "MCC." Take a right on "MCC" and follow it until you intersect with "Hale Bopp." Take a right on "Hale Bopp," and you will make a complete loop back to your starting point.

The most challenging climbing route in the park, this route will get your heart pumping and your legs burning. Numerous bridge crossings and quick elevation changes keep you guessing at every turn.

Total Distance: 1.88 miles

Elevation Gain: 387 feet