George Chase Sworn In to City Council

Last updated on June 18, 2024 at 07:00 PM

George Chase with right arm raised getting sworn in as City Councilmember On Tuesday, June 18, George Chase was sworn in to serve on City Council to fill the unexpired term for the District V seat. Chase was selected after a thorough interview process among 14 eligible candidates. The District V position became vacant when Jim Holmes, the former District V councilmember, was elected City of Waco mayor. Chase will serve on City Council until the next City of Waco general election on May 3, 2025.

George Chase is a native of Waco, graduate of Waco High School and Vanderbilt University, and he is the President of Insurors of Texas. Since moving back to Waco in 1994, George has served on numerous city and non-profit boards. 

During his interview, Chase said that as a councilmember his goal is to build and capitalize on what Waco has already started, including the momentum in downtown, with Baylor University, new businesses, and growing businesses. 

"I'm a big believer that quality of life drives business development, which then allows you to put more money back into better quality of life, so all those things go hand in hand," said Chase. "I think what Waco has going on is exciting."

The City Council is confident that George Chase's experience and dedication will greatly benefit the community and District V.

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